Fine & Decorative Arts Antique Auction 2004-09-11 Auction - 277 Price Results - Leland Little in NC
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Lot Number: Lowest
Pair of Porcelain Lamps,: Pair of Porcelain Lamps, w/Oriental figures, w/shades, HOA 31"
0001: Pair of Porcelain Lamps,Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Four Soapstone Carvings,: Four Soapstone Carvings, carved w/Oriental motif: a figure of a lady 10"h, a vase 4.25"h, a floral group 5"h, and a group of Foo dogs 4.5"h
0003: Four Soapstone Carvings,Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
Soapstone Plaque w/Stand,: Soapstone Plaque w/Stand, circular, both soapstone, carved w/fish and flower motif, HOA 11.25"h
0004: Soapstone Plaque w/Stand,Est. $50-$90Lot Passed
Three Pieces of Jade,: Three Pieces of Jade, Oriental motif, carved as urns w/lids, rings to the handles, 9.25"h, 6.25"h, 6"h
0006: Three Pieces of Jade,Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Three Pieces of Bone,: Three Pieces of Bone, carved as Oriental male figures, set in custom stand, ink highlights, DOA 6.5"h x 6"l
0007: Three Pieces of Bone,Est. $40-$80Lot Passed
Victorian Parlor Chair,: Victorian Parlor Chair, walnut, crest w/carved roses, tufted upholstery, 46"h x 26"w
0008: Victorian Parlor Chair,Est. $150-$200Lot Passed
Two Metal Vases,: Two Metal Vases, a bronze trumpet vase w/shaped rim and elephant head handles 10.25"h; a hand hammered and dovetailed copper vase w/brass leaf mounts 9.15"h
0009: Two Metal Vases,Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Two Cloisonné Vases,: Two Cloisonné Vases, late 19th century, brass w/enamel, both w/some pitting to the enamel, the smaller vase w/a dent to the base, 9"h and 7.25"h
0011: Two Cloisonné Vases,Est. $150-$300Lot Passed
Five Pieces of Cloisonne,: Five Pieces of Cloisonne, brass w/enamel - a pair of vases 9.5"h; a single vase 9.5"h w/small chip; a pair of vases, late 19th century, 5.25"h
0012: Five Pieces of Cloisonne,Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
Alabaster Carving,: Alabaster Carving, carved as roses and branches, 7.5"h
0013: Alabaster Carving,Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
Cigarette Box,: Cigarette Box, brass w/inset jade panels, wood interior, 3.25"h x 5.5"w x 3.5"d
0014: Cigarette Box,Est. $40-$90
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Oriental Porcelain Floor Vase,: Oriental Porcelain Floor Vase, Oriental, all over floral design w/floral vignettes, oranges and blues, 18.75"h
0015: Oriental Porcelain Floor Vase,Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
Oriental Plant Stand,: Oriental Plant Stand, c. 1900, carved teak w/inset marble to top, 35.5"h x 17"d
0016: Oriental Plant Stand,Est. $400-$600Lot Passed
Four Ginger Jars w/Lids,: Four Ginger Jars w/Lids, blue and white, hand painted Oriental design, 8"h
0020: Four Ginger Jars w/Lids,Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
Pair of Goblets,: Pair of Goblets, hand-blown glass, iridescent green bowl w/darker green stem, base w/etched signature "Phoenix," 7.25"h
0021: Pair of Goblets,Est. $40-$90Lot Passed
Inkwell and Tray,: Inkwell and Tray, glass inkwell w/brass lid decorated w/scarab beetle, brass tray w/relief dragonfly, solder repair to underside of tray, 4"h x 10.5"w x 9.25"d
0022: Inkwell and Tray,Est. $40-$75Lot Passed
Pair of Open Arm Chairs,: Pair of Open Arm Chairs, early 20th century, upholstered, shaped stretcher base, 43"h x 27"w x 27"d
0023: Pair of Open Arm Chairs,Est. $600-$900Lot Passed
Stieff Cigarette Holder,: Stieff Cigarette Holder, sterling silver domed lid, base divided to hold individual cigarettes, central humidor, base stamped "Stieff Jan 8. 1935," 4.75"h
0024: Stieff Cigarette Holder,Est. $50-$90Lot Passed