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Rare Bawan Bagh Phulkari Shawl - Antique Indian Textile
Thirma Bagh Phulkari - Antique Indian Textile - FINEAntique Thirma Bagh Phulkari - Indian Wedding Textile
Singapore, Singapore
DoneNov 26, 2017 4:00 PM UTC

WOVENSOULS Phulkari - Antique Indian Textiles

21 Phulkari wedding shawls produced in the early-mid 1900s in Punjab, undivided India are being offered at this auction by WOVENSOULS

All of these were originally acquired as a collection to be lived with forever. But as age advances, the idea of 'forever'has changed from an unfathomable distance to a finite horizon not so far away. And so with the vision of passing on these beloved artworks to other responsible lovers of folk art, a major part of the collection will be sold through a series of niche auctions over the next 2 years

To augment the descriptions of Phulkaris given here, we recommend reading the note on Phulkaris on our blog that gives never-published-before cultural insights into this category of textiles that once played an integral role in the lives of the people. [to be published Sept 26th].