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DoneJan 29, 2018 9:03 AM EST
Willoughby, OH, United States
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FEATURING: ADOLF HITLER'S DESK, KOMAR & MELAMID YALTA CONFERENCE PAINTING, WWII CAPTURED GERMAN STANDARTE, 1936 MERCEDES BELONGING TO NAZI DOCTOR & MORE!! FIREARMS - 150 plus firearms, including the Smith & Wesson handguns of Whaling Captain Albert Sherman, CSA General John Creed Moore's 1851 Colt revolver, John Wayne's Silver grip Smith & Wesson revolvers, holsters and spurs, many Winchester rifle models, Several Colt and Smith & Wesson hand guns, Colt boxed King Cobra, 1911 Colts and SA Colts, Ruger hand guns and rifles, Brownings, M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, Remingtons, Mauers, 1877 and 1862 Gatling Guns, Early Percussion Knife Pistol, and Much Much More!! EDGED WEAPONS - 1820's Widman Eagle Head sword, Japanese Katana and Wakizashi swords, and Tanto daggers, Imperial German swords, Ames Model 1871 USN Sword, German Stag Grip Hunting swords, and Much Much More!! CIVIL WAR & Mexican War- 2-Civil War Medical staff swords, one identified, Surgical Set & Hospital Register, Hernstein Cased Surgical Amputation Set, Rare Medical Officer's green sash, Major Generals Frock Coat with Straps, 49th New York Corps Badge, Spencer Army rifle, 72nd Indiana Vols, 1862 Enfield Rifle, Confederate General William L. Cabell's Telescope, Confederate Georgia Pike, Numerous Tin Types and Ambrotypes of Civil War soldiers, An Original colored drawing of the Hanging of 2 Confederate Soldiers, Mexican War Grouping with Images of Lt. Edward Abbot and Presidential Signed Commissions, Captured and Cased Mexican Dagger from Battle of San Jacinto 1836 and Much More!! WORLD WAR ONE - Large grouping of WWI items , including the largest collection of uniforms to come to the market. This diverse grouping of uniforms includes USMC Dress Blues, Postal Express, Air Service Photographer, Military Police, 13th Engineers, Medic, 6th Division, 4th Machine Gun, and many more. Also included are painted Helmets, Patriotic Posters, a large bust of Sergeant Alvin York, a US Ford Experimental Helmet.
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