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Chinese carved wood panel of three immortals "Fu LuChinese carved jadeite vase.Four Seasons, set of Japanese wood block, by Toshi
Columbia, MD, United States
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Asian Week Auction Spring 2018

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Lot Number: Lowest
Big Tibetan necklace.: Big Tibetan necklace. Length 28 cm. Width 20 cm. Provenance: Maryland estate.
0028: Big Tibetan necklace.Est. $600-$800
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Chinese silver necklace.: Chinese silver necklace. Length 60 cm. Pendant length 30 cm.
0029: Chinese silver necklace.Est. $200-$300Lot Passed
Four Chinese silver combs.: Four Chinese silver combs. Largest length 12 cm.
0031: Four Chinese silver combs.Est. $300-$500Lot Passed
Eight Chinese silver nail protectors.: Eight Chinese silver nail protectors. Largest length 9 cm.
0032: Eight Chinese silver nail protectors.Est. $200-$300
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Chinese silver fish.: Chinese silver fish. Length 11 cm.
0033: Chinese silver fish.Est. $200-$300Lot Passed
Chinese jade and silver necklace.: Chinese jade and silver necklace. Length 80 cm. Jade bead diameter 1 cm. Provenance: a Maryland estate.
0034: Chinese jade and silver necklace.Est. $600-$800
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Chinese jade bead necklace.: Chinese jade bead necklace. Length 44 cm. bead diameter 0.7 cm.
0035: Chinese jade bead necklace.Est. $200-$300Lot Passed
Chinese carved bone toggle.: Chinese carved bone toggle. Length 5 cm.
0036: Chinese carved bone toggle.Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Japanese netsuke carving of a buffalo.: Japanese netsuke carving of a buffalo. Length 4.5 cm.
0037: Japanese netsuke carving of a buffalo.Est. $100-$200
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Tibetan necklace.: Tibetan necklace. Length 48 cm. Biggest bead length 8 cm.
0042: Tibetan necklace.Est. $200-$400Lot Passed
Turquoise bead necklace.: Turquoise bead necklace. Length 40 cm.
0043: Turquoise bead necklace.Est. $100-$200
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Amber bead necklace.: Amber bead necklace. Length 50 cm. Biggest bead length 4 cm.
0044: Amber bead necklace.Est. $80-$150
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Chinese carved jewelry set in a box: Chinese carved jewelry set in a box. Necklace length 90 cm. Bead diameter 1.2 cm. Largest pendant 5.5 cm.
0045: Chinese carved jewelry set in a boxEst. $300-$500
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Eight Asian style bangles.: Eight Asian style bangles.
0046: Eight Asian style bangles.Est. $30-$60Lot Passed
Three Asian pendants.: Three Asian pendants.
0047: Three Asian pendants.Est. $20-$30Lot Passed
Group of earrings.: Group of earrings.
0048: Group of earrings.Est. $30-$50Lot Passed