Auction 70: Fine Ancient and Ethnographic Art 2018-10-06 Auction - 374 Price Results - Ancient Resource Auctions in CA
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Choice Roman marble head of a man, Julio-ClaudianA fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of seated IsisA wonderful Etruscan bronze figure of a male youth
Montrose, CA, United States
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Auction 70: Fine Ancient and Ethnographic Art

Our October 6th sale will offer over 300 lots of fine, museum-quality ancient and ethnographic items. This auction offers a spectacular and unique selection of authentic, and well-provenanced Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, Islamic, Byzantine, and Pre-Columbian antiquities among other fantastic ethnographic items. Please get in touch if you have any questions and please remember to ask for condition reports on any items you may be interested in. We also accept absentee bids and phone bidding if bidders would like to call or email to set up either option for the sale.
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A Syro-Hittite votive covered wagon: A Syro-Hittite votive covered wagon, c. 1200 - 1000 BC, the front of the cover lightly flared and the outside decorated with incised lines. H: 4 3/5 in (11.7cm); L: 5 1/3 in (13.6cm). Light deposits.
0010: A Syro-Hittite votive covered wagonEst. $250-$450
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A Roman bronze patera handle: A Roman bronze patera handle, c. 1st - 3rd Century AD, the terminal in the form of a canine head. L: 4 3/4 in (12 cm). Thick mottled patination and nicely preserved. Ex East Essex, UK private
0012: A Roman bronze patera handleEst. $120-$150Lot Passed
A lovely Roman bronze figurine of Diana: A lovely Roman bronze figurine of Diana, c. 1st -3rd Century AD, striding and reaching into her quiver, her left hand would have held her bow. Beautifully styled and a very attractive piece! H: 2 1/4
0013: A lovely Roman bronze figurine of DianaEst. $250-$350
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A Roman marble head of a woman: A Roman marble head of a woman, c. 2nd - 3rd Century AD, probably from a sarcophagus, the features pleasant with her hair styled back into a large bun. The stone is quite nice with greyish veining
0015: A Roman marble head of a womanEst. $250-$600
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