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432:Apollo 12Charles “Pete" Conrad Nametag
536:Jim Irwin NameTag NASA Patch & PLSS Piece535: Al Worden's Nametag Flag Patch NASA Logo
Bell Canyon, CA, United States
DoneSat, May 31, 2003 4:00 PM UTC

Space & Aviation Memorabilia Auction

We have a wonderful collection of space and aviation memorabilia in this catalog. Some of the highlights include:

All Three Apollo 15 Crew Spacesuit Namepatches coated with Moon Dust: Aurora is proud to announce that this auction includes the spacesuit namepatches from all three crewmembers of the Apollo15 lunar mission, all of which are coated with Moon dust (Lots 534, 535 and 536). This is the first time ever offered at auction for all three namepatches from one Apollo mission. Each lot includes multiple flown items, including those used on or carried to lunar surface.