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Space & Aviation - Rare Books - Historical Collectibles - Asian Arts - Automobilia & Edwardian/ Victorian Clothing
30 Hackamore Lane
Suite 3
Bell Canyon, CA 91307
United States
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Upcoming Auctions from Aurora

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Past Auctions from Aurora

100175: SR-71 Ejection Seat, C-2 Variant RARE !!
100421: Apollo 12 Astronaut Charles Conrad Autograph100594: Shuttle Parachute Delay Cutter Assembly
usAuction Ended
486:NASA  Apollo 16  Launch Final Flight Plans418: Lot of 19 Apollo 11 NASA Photographs Incl. Red #'s
usAuction Ended
19185: Paya 970 Bugatti Clockwork  Tin Toy
18277: Cow Pelham Puppet 1963 - 198618282: SL Wolf Pelham Puppet 1963 - 1986
usAuction Ended
701: Large Scale Model of a Chinese Junk
8222: Walt Disney Pluto Puppet by Pelham8516: Cast Iron Bank Circus Clown and Dog
usAuction Ended
2001: Airfix 1950's Blackburn N.A. 39 Plastic Model Kit
2027: Aurora 1950's Boeing Pursuit P-23A 1:4 Plastic Mo2580: AMT 1970's Nakajima Renzan 'Rita' 18SHI Attack Bo
usAuction Ended
264: Sokol Spacesuit Worn By Dr. Ed Lu
722: Stuart #9 Steam Engine Model (11 x 6 x 6") 203: Stuart Roosa Apollo 14 Autograph
usAuction Ended
3062: Revell U.S.S. United States Sailing Ship Manufact
2762: Revell 1973 Douglas A-1H Skyraider 'Sandy' Vietna2526: Revell 1964 Ed 'Big Daddy'Roth's 'Brother Rat Fin
usAuction Ended
2483: SMER 1960's Fiat CR 32-Chirri Plastic Model Kit M
2322: Bandai 1960's Laird Solution Racer Plastic Model 2323: Cashulette Engineering 1960s Apollo Saturn V Plas
usAuction Ended
830: John Glenn Autograph on STS 95 Cover + Space Pen
791: STS 5 Mission Emblem on Coated Canvas868: Key to Start a Rocket or a Spaceship
usAuction Ended
361A: Apollo 11 Comm Chip Collins Radio Paperweight
346: Apollo 11 Original NASA Teletype 4 Pg Mission Rept538: Unflown ASTP Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion
usAuction Ended
65: Tire Shaped Hot Wheels Carrying Case with 24 Toy Ca
73: Lot of 8 Miniature Hot Wheels, Matchbox Etc. Toy Ca61: 1970 "Auto Racing" Game
Sep 15, 2007 3:00 PM UTC
usAuction Ended
 Bronze 1929 World's Record Travel Air "Mystery Ship"
1928 Open Cockpit Speed Race Trophy - Vern Roberts1986 Cover # 648/750 Flown on Voyager RTW Flight
usAuction Ended
93056: Shuttle Electrical Control Box`
90909: Space Shuttle Shuttle Tile90750: Space Shuttle Tile
usAuction Ended
894: STS-1 Columbia Tile
1585A: North American Air Superiority  Fighter Model1584M: North American Aviation F-107A Model
usAuction Ended
503: Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Autograph
299: Gemini GT01 Grissom and Young Autographs444: Apollo 1 'Roger Chaffee Autograph
usAuction Ended
7585D: Apollo A7LB Spacesuit Lunar Overshoe Boots
7584E: Apollo Era Germicide Tablets7524I: 1968, Grumman Apollo 9 "LM-3 Readiness Test" D
usAuction Ended
1062: 1971, 'Lot of 2 Skylab 1 Training Manuals
412Y: NASA Apollo Saturn "Fault Isolation Guide"980Y: Lot of 2 Apollo 17 NASA Reports
usAuction Ended
874: Apollo 15 James Irwin Autograph
1868: M&M® Flown Aboard SpaceShipOne455: 240 Apollo NASA Lithos & Photos
usAuction Ended
2: NASA Mercury 2 Flight of Ham Report
9: Mercury astronauts signed poster33: 1962, A Handbook for Employees, NASA
usAuction Ended
9035: David Scott's Gemini Capsule Model
9124: Apollo 11 Armstrong Aldrin Collins Signed Photo9128: Apollo 11 Crew Patch
usAuction Ended
1057: STS 005 Flown STS-5 Checklist
979: Shuttle Wind Tunnel Model1188: 2005, Steve Fossett "Round the World" Cover
usAuction Ended
225: Apollo A7L Spacesuit Cable with Connectors
638: Apollo 15 Dave Scott's Lunar Rover Model212: Apollo Lunar EVA Training Boots
usAuction Ended
10600: Flown Fragment Apollo 16 Lunar Surface Netting
11240: Russian Sokol KV-1 Pressure Gloves10177: Gemini 8 Heatshield Fragment Armstrong & D
usAuction Ended
731: Clamshell  Helmet Used by NASA
732: Shuttle Spacesuit Necking788: STS-1 and STS -2 Crew Autographs
usAuction Ended