Fabulous Fall Auction 2019-10-06 Auction - 417 Price Results - Lotus International Auctions, LLC in CT
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Hugh O'Neill (born 1959): Floral Still Life Roses. Title: Floral Stillife. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 20 X 16 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: Hugh O'Neill (born 1959). Framed.
0002: Hugh O'Neill (born 1959)Est. $400-$600
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GIOVANNI BATTISTA PIRANESI (1720-1778): "SPACCATO INTERNO DELLA BASILILICA DI S. PAOLO FUORI DELLA MURA, 1749, etching. Label on verso: Merwin's Art Shop, York St. New Haven, CT Pictures, Etchings, Framing16.25 x 24, frame size 21x 30
0003: GIOVANNI BATTISTA PIRANESI (1720-1778)Est. $200-$400
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Roger Deering (1904 - 1980): Label on Back. Title: Mountain Stream. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 20 X 24 in. Signature: SLL. Artist: Roger Deering (1904 - 1980). Framed.
0004: Roger Deering (1904 - 1980)Est. $500-$600Lot Passed
Edouardo Vitali (19th century): Man with sword leaning against building. Title: Standing Guard. Medium: Watercolor. Size: 21 X 14 in. Signature: SLL. Artist: Edouardo Vitali (19th century). Framed.
0005: Edouardo Vitali (19th century)Est. $600-$800Lot Passed
Early 20th Century Still Life: Still life of flowers in vase with urn. Title: Early 20th Century Still Life. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 24 X 20 in. Signature: Unsigned. Unframed.
0006: Early 20th Century Still LifeEst. $400-$600Lot Passed
Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929): New England town with houses and church steeple. Title: Church Steeple. Medium: Pastel. Size: 19 X 24.5 (sight) in. Signature: SLR. Artist: Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929). Framed.
0008: Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929)Est. $800-$1,000Lot Passed
Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929): Pencil writing in painting. Title: Pond. Medium: Pastel. Size: 19 X 25.5 (sight) in. Signature: Unsigned. Artist: Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929). Framed.
0009: Arthur Goodwin (1864 - 1929)Est. $600-$800Lot Passed
The Quick Gun movie Poster: Movie Poster. Title: The Quick Gun movie Poster. Medium: Paper. Size: 27 X 41 in. Unframed.
0010: The Quick Gun movie PosterEst. $60-$90Lot Passed
George Stevens (20th century): Mallards in flight, stamp on back. Title: Ducks in Flight. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 24 X 36.25 in. Signature: SLL. Artist: George Stevens (20th century). Framed.
0013: George Stevens (20th century)Est. $400-$600Lot Passed
Alfred Birdsey (1912 - 1996): Bermuda, woman walking with cane. Title: The Stroll. Medium: Watercolor. Size: 19.5 X 24.5 in. Artist: Alfred Birdsey (1912 - 1996). Framed.
0014: Alfred Birdsey (1912 - 1996)Est. $100-$200
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T Bailey (19/20th century): Boats in the harbor Dated 1915. Title: The Harbor. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 24 X 36 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: T Bailey (19/20th century). Framed.
0015: T Bailey (19/20th century)Est. $400-$600Lot Passed
Heaber: Red flowers in white pitcher. Title: Still lIfe. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 39.25 X 27.25 in. Signature: SUR. Artist: Heaber. Framed.
0016: HeaberEst. $60-$90Lot Passed
Harbor Scene: Pier, boat and house. Title: Harbor Scene. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 24 X 30 in. Signature: Unsigned. Framed.
0017: Harbor SceneEst. $60-$90
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J D Lane: The Grist Mill , The Path. Title: The Path to the Mill. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 14 X 20 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: J D Lane. Framed.
0018: J D LaneEst. $60-$90Lot Passed
Charles A Carter: Waves crashing on rocks. Title: Maine Coast. Medium: Oil on Masonite. Size: 20 X 30 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: Charles A Carter. Framed.
0019: Charles A CarterEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
Walter Daby (20th century): Table, Picture Window. Title: Mixed Media. Medium: Oil on Board. Size: 25.5 X 31.5 in. Signature: Sign Middle. Artist: Walter Daby. Framed.
0020: Walter Daby (20th century)Est. $60-$90
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Still Life: Tomatoes, Squash and Urn. Dated 1885. Title: Still Life. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 25.5 X 31.75 in. Signature: SUP. Artist: illegible. Framed.
0021: Still LifeEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Landscape: Green Meadowland. Title: Green Meadowlands. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 24 X 38 in. Signature: Unsigned. Framed.
0022: LandscapeEst. $60-$90Lot Passed
Life and Death: Dated 51 "life on one side of the stream and death on the other side.". Title: Life and Death. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 16.25 X 20.25 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: A Vant Hoff. Framed.
0023: Life and DeathEst. $150-$350
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Still Life: Fruit, Pineapple, grapes on a table. Title: Still Life. Size: 18 X 22 in. Framed.
0024: Still LifeEst. $200-$400Lot Passed
The Castle: Castle, trees, evening sky. ESK printed on canvas verso. Title: The Castle. Medium: Oil on Canvas. Size: 17 X 13.25 in. Signature: SLR. Artist: R.J Foster. Framed.
0025: The CastleEst. $100-$200Lot Passed