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220: Vern Etzerza Frog Moon Mask 27" H. 25 1/2" W. Goo
200: Puget Sound Imbricated Berry Basket - Cross Design181: Tlingit Copper Dagger with Carved Antler Raven Han
Burnaby, Canada
DoneSat, Feb 16, 2008 7:00 PM UTC

North American Native Art & Artifacts Auction

Collection of Northwest Coast masks, totems, frontlets, bowls and rattles gold and silver bracelets, fine argillite carvings from two estates. Baskets include 19th C. Klikitats, Cowlitz, Nez Perce, Yakama, Puget Sound, Lilloot and Thompson River, Navajo wedding baskets ca. 1940, Quinault basketry doll. Beadwork includes Mid 19th C. Iroquois moccasins, Cree pad saddle ca. 1870, Tlingit dance apron ca. 1900, Sioux beaded veat ca. 1900, fully beaded bandolier bag ca. 1900, Sioux coup stick ca. 1870. Southwest kachinas, pottery and jewelry, Plains parfleche envelopes and cases, stone arrowheads, mauls and adze and much more...