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2479: 1961 Golden Press Baseball Cards
2594: Elvis Presley 1956 Topps Bubbles Cards2256: T51 College Series Murad Cigarettes Partial Set
Richfield, PA, United States
DoneWed, Mar 5, 2008 5:00 PM UTC

Vintage Sports Memorabilia Auction

Thousands & Thousands of 1950s & 1960s Baseball Cards including many Stars & Hall of Famers; Bobble Head Dolls; 100s of 60s & 70s Football Cards; 100s of 1970s Basketball Cards; 100s of 1970s Baseball Cards including Partial Sets; T206 Baseball Cards; Autographed Photos; Postcards; B51 Tobacco Flannels; Tobacco Silks; Many Non-Sports Cards including: Horrors of War, T81 Military Series, Zorro, Laugh-In, Monster Laff, Hansen T29 Animals, Wacky Plaks, Worldwide Jungle Gum, Uncle Sam Gum, Sky Birds, & More