West Palm Beach, FL, United States
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Fine Estates Auction

Fine Estate Antiques from the Palm Beaches with over 400 Lots of Exceptionally Consigned Property including Antique Furniture; Amazing 19th Century French Gothic Confessional, American 19th Century Maple Chest of Drawers and One Drawer Washstand, French 19th Century Boulle Marquetry Credenza, Eleven Piece Mahogany Dining Room Suite, Biedermeire Abattant, French Napoleon III Marble Top Console, 18th Century Spanish Cordoba Dome Top Trunk, 1893 Swedish Painted Trunk, 4 Thonet Bistro Chairs, Renaissance Revival Marble Top Dresser, Pair French Napoleon III Fauteuils, Mahogany Breakfront, French Provincial Pegged Farm Table, Baker Biedermeire Dining Table and Chairs, Two 19th Cent. Needlepoint Firescreens, French Ormolu Vitrene, 17th Cent. Corner Court Cupboard, Italian Marble Top Chest, 19th Cent. Walnut with Ivory Inlay and Figural Pulls Collectors Box, Napolean III Giltwood Marble Top Console, Pair of French Antique Carved and Painted Valences ; Quality Smalls- Handel Painted Boudoir Lamp, Tiffany Silver, Set of Twelve Howard Co. Silver Service Plates, Moorcroft Vases, Herend, Cartier Box, Dominick & Haff Silver Tea Set, Baccarat Prism Candleabra, Several Bronze Figural Clocks, Moreau Bronze, VanBriggle Pottery, Galle Pottery Vase, Daum Pate-de-Verre, Murano Chandelier, Kathe Kollwitz Bronze, Magnificent 11 Arm Dore' Bronze Candelabras, Tiffany Travel Clocks, Two Alabaster Busts, Majolica Eagle Pedistal, Collection of Portrait Mineatures on Ivory, Several 19th Cent. Girandoles, Estate Jewelry, Boulle Mantle Clock, Tiffany Bronze and Enamel Plate, Minton Plates, Tiffany Furnace Candlesticks, Murano Clown Signed Salviati, Pair of AMerican Fire Dogs, Pair of Train Lanterns, Fulper Centerpiece, Zsolnay Lobed Vase, Bronze and Enamel Frames, Mexican Victoria Copper and Silver Pitcher, Cartier Sterling Boxes, Fratin Bronze, Chandeliers, Oriental Carpets, Many Sets of Antique Lamps; Over 100 works of Fine Art-A.T. Bricher, Jane Peterson, Constant Permeke, Anthony Thieme, Chaim Gross, Camille Bombois, Louis Vander Pol, Francois Gerome, Scott Leighton, Jean Hogan, Anton Mortier, (4) Henry Hammond Ahl, Frans Mortlemans, Hezikiah Baker, Frederick William Kost, Julian Rix, Emil Carlsen, C.A. Corwin, James MacNeil Whistler, Maria Szantho, Marie Laurencin, Frank Vining Smith, Jules Cheret, Walter Francis Brown, Eric Sloane, W.R. Derrick, Michael D’Aguilar, Erte, Thomas Hand, Daniel Sherrin; Picasso Signed Book, Cecil Beaton Audrey Hepburn Signed Photo, Japanese Samurai Outfit, and much more to be offered for an evening of Palm Beach auction action!
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