Tuesday Night Auction 2-11-20 2020-02-11 Auction - 411 Price Results - Baker's Antiques and Auctions in NY
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Lot Number: Lowest
Antique leather book: Antique leather book circa 1880’s est, value $125.00-$150.00
5130: Antique leather bookEst. $125-$150Lot Passed
Buddy in the Dragon swamp: Buddy in the Dragon swamp 1942 est. value $40.00-$60.00
5141: Buddy in the Dragon swampEst. $40-$60Lot Passed
Derrie’s partner book: Derrie’s partner circa 1929 est. value $40.00-$50.00
5144: Derrie’s partner bookEst. $40-$50Lot Passed
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott: Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott early 1900’s $80.00-$100.00
5160: Ivanhoe by Sir Walter ScottEst. $80-$100Lot Passed