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Rare Ottoman Helmet ShishakRare Ottoman Hungarian SwordPersian / Caucasian Quadara Huge Sword
Zürich, Switzerland
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Boutiquelux Auctions April 2020

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German Hirschfänger Long Hunting Sword.: German Hirschfänger Hunting Sword. 17 TH C. Length: 72 cm
0001: German Hirschfänger Long Hunting Sword.Est. CHF 600-CHF 900Lot Passed
Persian / Caucasian Kindjal Dagger: Persian / Caucasian Kindjal Dagger. Horn handle. 19 TH C. Length: 40,5 cm
0002: Persian / Caucasian Kindjal DaggerEst. CHF 200-CHF 400Lot Passed
Syrian Kindjal Dagger: Syrian Kindjal Dagger. Silver blade inlays & handle parts. Horn handle. 1829 dated. Length : 28 cm.
0003: Syrian Kindjal DaggerEst. CHF 400-CHF 600Lot Passed
French Naval Mameluke Cutlass: French Naval Cutlass. Rare French sword, simmilar cutlass can be seen in Musee de National de la Marine, France, Sabre de bord, dit d'abordage, modèle 1779 Numéro d'inventaire : 33 AR 16. 18th C.
0004: French Naval Mameluke CutlassEst. CHF 2,000-CHF 3,000Lot Passed
Russian Sabre Alexander I: Russian Sabre from reign of Alexander I . Brass or gold monogram of Russian Tsar Alexander I inlays. Alexander I. Pawlowitsch Romanow Emperor of Russia. Length: 83 cm
0005: Russian Sabre Alexander IEst. CHF 6,000-CHF 9,000Lot Passed
Russian Imperial Sabre: Russian Imperial Sabre. 1853 dated ( N. D. F. ) on one side and Russian Imperial Crown stamp on other. Gilded brass hilt and scabbrad parts. Length: 79 cm
0006: Russian Imperial SabreEst. CHF 6,000-CHF 8,000Lot Passed
Mughal Brass Hilted Sword: Rare Indo Persian Mughal Brass Hilted Sword. 17/18 TH C. Parasol emperial mark on blade. Length: 83,5 cm
0007: Mughal Brass Hilted SwordEst. CHF 2,000-CHF 3,000Lot Passed
Rare Ottoman Hungarian Sword: Rare Ottoman Hungarian Sword. 16/17 TH C. Gold / Silver inscription on blade. Length: 80 cm
0008: Rare Ottoman Hungarian SwordEst. CHF 4,000-CHF 6,000Lot Passed
European Dagger.: European Dagger. 1630 dated. Length : 35 cm
0009: European Dagger.Est. CHF 1,000-CHF 2,000Lot Passed
Indo Persian Sabre: Indo Pesian Rare Sword. 17/18 TH C. Damascus blade, probably earlier persian. Length: 85 cm
0010: Indo Persian SabreEst. CHF 1,000-CHF 2,000Lot Passed
French Napoleonic Hussar Sword: French Hussar Sword. 18 TH C. Length 95 cm
0011: French Napoleonic Hussar SwordEst. CHF 2,000-CHF 3,000Lot Passed
Midle Ages Rosicrucian Longsword: Midle Ages Rosicrucian Longsword. More informations about can be seen: Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries. LKR. Very flexible Damascus blade. 16/17 TH C. For similar
0012: Midle Ages Rosicrucian LongswordEst. CHF 4,000-CHF 6,000
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Indo Persian Pulouar Shamshir Sword: Indo Persian Pulouar Shamshir Sword. 18 TH C. Islamic inscriptions on blade. Length: 92 cm
0013: Indo Persian Pulouar Shamshir SwordEst. CHF 1,200-CHF 1,600Lot Passed
Indo Persian Rare Shamshir Sabre: Indo Persian Rare Shamshir Sabre. 17 TH C. Golden medallion with Islamic inscription inside. Length: 86,5 cm
0014: Indo Persian Rare Shamshir SabreEst. CHF 900-CHF 1,200Lot Passed
Unknown Mameluke Sword: Unknown Mameluke Sword. Length : 81,5 cm
0015: Unknown Mameluke SwordEst. CHF 300-CHF 400Lot Passed
Indo Persian Tulwar Sword: Indo Persian Tulwar Sword. Silver plated hilt. Arabic insciption on blade. عمل امت خان ابن مابت \" The
0016: Indo Persian Tulwar SwordEst. CHF 900-CHF 1,200Lot Passed
Mughal Shamshir Sabre: Mughal Shamshir Sabre. 18 TH C. Number on quilon. Silver plated handle. Wootz blade. Length: 88 cm
0017: Mughal Shamshir SabreEst. CHF 800-CHF 1,200Lot Passed
Midle Ages Anglo Saxon Seax: Midle Ages Anglo Saxon Seax. 11/13 TH C. Length: 27,5 cm
0018: Midle Ages Anglo Saxon SeaxEst. CHF 400-CHF 600Lot Passed
Persian / Caucasian Quadara Huge Sword: Persian / Caucasian Quadara Huge Sword. Gold & Silver writings on blade. Silver scabbard parts. 19 TH C. Length: 72 cm
0019: Persian / Caucasian Quadara Huge SwordEst. CHF 2,000-CHF 4,000Lot Passed
French Cavalry Officer Sword: French Cavalry Officer Sword. Sabre d'Officier de Cavalerie à "Garde Tournante" - 1790. 18 TH C. Excellent Damascus Steel Blade. Gold writings on blade. Gold plated garde. Rare removable grip.
0020: French Cavalry Officer SwordEst. CHF 3,000-CHF 4,000Lot Passed
Hungarian Hussars / Indo Persian Sword: Rare Hungarian Hussars Sword. 17/18 TH C. Length: 92 cm. Indo Persian shamshir blade with a Trident and Katar Maratha stamped markings.
0021: Hungarian Hussars / Indo Persian SwordEst. CHF 2,500-CHF 3,500Lot Passed
Rare Ottoman Helmet Shishak: Rare Ottoman Helmet. 16 TH C. Size: 23cm/20,5cm/44cm
0022: Rare Ottoman Helmet ShishakEst. CHF 4,000-CHF 5,000Lot Passed
Vietnamese Truong Dao Sword: Vietnamese Truong Dao Sword. High Quality strong fighting blade. 19 TH C. Length: 80 cm
0023: Vietnamese Truong Dao SwordEst. CHF 600-CHF 800Lot Passed
Vietnamese Doan Dao Knife: Vietnamese Doan Dao Knife. 19 TH C. Length: 24,5 cm
0024: Vietnamese Doan Dao KnifeEst. CHF 200-CHF 300Lot Passed