Thursday Night Auction 2-20-20 2020-02-20 Auction - 426 Price Results - Baker's Antiques and Auctions in NY
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Xmen comic book "In the Shadow of Sauron"Early Marvel Incredible Hulk comic bookGreat early Spiderman comic book No. 93
Bohemia, NY, United States
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Thursday Night Auction 2-20-20

Includes jewelry, figurines, Elvis, Toy trains, crystal, linens, milk glass, hockey cards, chandelier, baseball, comic books and much more!
Lot Number: Lowest
Group of 3 vintage pins: Group of 3 vintage pins est. value $35.00-$45.00
1976I: Group of 3 vintage pinsEst. $35-$45Lot Passed
Vintage charm bracelet: Vintage charm bracelet est. value $30.00-$35.00
1976L: Vintage charm braceletEst. $30-$35Lot Passed
Credit card centennial tag: Credit card centennial tag est. value $25.00-$35.00
1977P: Credit card centennial tagEst. $25-$35Lot Passed
Pair of vintage rings: Pair of vintage rings est. value $25.00-$35.00
1977R: Pair of vintage ringsEst. $25-$35Lot Passed
Vintage rosery bead set: Vintage rosery bead set est. value $40.00-$50.00
1977Z: Vintage rosery bead setEst. $40-$50Lot Passed