Drawings, Paintings and Prints 2020-04-03 Auction - 314 Price Results - Fichter Kunsthandel in Hessen
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G.HOFER(*1858), The beautiful italian, 1899Round Temple at the Forum Boarium in RomeFrench artist, Landscape with weir, 1810, oil
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
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Drawings, Paintings and Prints

Discover over 300 works on paper (drawings, watercolors, prints and oil sketches) from the 17th to the 20th century as well as oil paintings. Included are Italian Old Master drawings, German romantic drawings and late realistic works as well as a selected group of drawings and watercolors by the German symbolist artist Edmund Steppes.
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A.ADAM(*1786), Portrait of a Lady: Albrecht Adam (1786 Nördlingen - 1862 München), Portrait of a Lady, washed Pencil drawing Technique: Washed Pencil drawing on Paper Size: ø 3 1/4 in Condition: Very good condition.
0002: A.ADAM(*1786), Portrait of a LadyEst. €900-€1,400Lot Passed
A.VERMEERSCH(*1810), Monk procession: Ambro Vermeersch (1810 Maldegem (Oost-Vlaanderen) - 1852 München), Monk procession in front of a church, Watercolor and Pencil drawing Technique: Watercolor and Pencil drawing on Paper Size:
0005: A.VERMEERSCH(*1810), Monk processionEst. €150-€200Lot Passed
A.CHRISTIAN GEIST(*1835), Tree study: August Christian Geist (1835 Würzburg - 1868 München), Tree study, Washed brush drawing Technique: Washed Brush drawing on Paper Size: 10 2/3 x 8 1/4 in Inscription: verso by an unknown
0008: A.CHRISTIAN GEIST(*1835), Tree studyEst. €300-€500Lot Passed
B.KOEKOEK(*1803), Maid at the brook: Bernhard Cornelius Koekoek (1803 Middelburg - 1862 Cleve), Maid at the brook near the forest, Washed Charcoal drawing Technique: Washed Charcoal drawing on Paper, mounted on cardboard Size: 15 x 11
0010: B.KOEKOEK(*1803), Maid at the brookEst. €1,500-€2,300Lot Passed
C.HUMMEL(*1821), Ancient ruin, grotto, 1842: Carl Maria Nicolaus Hummel (1821 Weimar - 1907 Weimar), Ancient ruin, grotto in the rock, 1842, Pencil drawing Technique: Pencil drawing on Paper Size: 6 1/2 x 10 2/3 in Inscription: verso by an
0014: C.HUMMEL(*1821), Ancient ruin, grotto, 1842Est. €400-€600
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C.NATHE(*1753), Farm on the countryside: Christoph Nathe (1753 Niederbielau - 1806 Schadewalde), Farm on the countryside, Watercolor Technique: Watercolor over Pencil drawing on Paper Size: 5 x 6 1/4 in Inscription: lower right ligated
0018: C.NATHE(*1753), Farm on the countrysideEst. €1,400-€2,100Lot Passed