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50 Years of James Bond1623 Virgina letterKobe Bryant jersey
Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Autographs-Entertainment, Sports & Historical

Signed pieces ranging from historical figures to jerseys and gloves of sports stars.
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Get Smart: 8x10 photo signed by the series stars Don Adams and Barbara Feldon. Beckett certification
0001: Get SmartEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
WWI ship correspondence: 6.5x8 US Naval Radio Service correspondence between the Bridgeport and the Oklahoma from June 28, 1919, communicating the signing of the peace treaty
0002: WWI ship correspondenceEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
The Producers: 9x12 signed press document folder. Inside is a stapled document with biographices of the stars. Signed by Mel Brooks, Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane
0003: The ProducersEst. $75-$150
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John F Kennedy: 7.5x11 correspondence on presidential campaign stationery, signed by the soon-to-be-president
0004: John F KennedyEst. $200-$400Lot Passed
Up In Smoke license plate: Replica license plate "MUF DVR" from the film Up In Smoke, signed by the stars Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong
0005: Up In Smoke license plateEst. $75-$150
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Spaceballs license plate: Replica license plate "EAGLE 5" from the film Spaceballs, signed by one of the film's stars Bill Pullman
0006: Spaceballs license plateEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
Loni Anderson: 8x10 B&W signed photo of the actress, best known for her role in the series WKRP In Cinicinati
0007: Loni AndersonEst. $25-$50Lot Passed
Dichen Lachman: 8x10 signed photo of the actress, best known for her roles in the series Arrow and Altered Carbon. PSA DNA certification
0008: Dichen LachmanEst. $25-$50Lot Passed
Anna Neagle: Vintage signed 8x10 by the scarce star
0009: Anna NeagleEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Queenie Smith: 8x10 sepia photo signed by the actress, best known for her roles in Hold That Hypnotist and On Your Toes
0010: Queenie SmithEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Ruth Etting: 8x10 signed oho of the actress and singer of the 20's and 30's
0011: Ruth EttingEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Dame Peggy Ashcroft: 8x10 B&W signed photo of the actress whose career spanned over 60 years
0012: Dame Peggy AshcroftEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
Binnie Barnes: 8x10 B&W photo signed by the actress, best known for her roles in the films The Trouble With Angels and In Old California
0013: Binnie BarnesEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Dame Judith Anderson: Rare b/w vintage signed 8x10 of the actress
0014: Dame Judith AndersonEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Ida Lupino: 8x10 sepia photo signed by the actress, director and producer, known for her large body of work
0015: Ida LupinoEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Bebe Daniels: Sepia toned heavyweight signed 8x10 by the legend
0016: Bebe DanielsEst. $100-$200
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Josephine Baker: Matted photo and signature from the dancer and entertainer
0017: Josephine BakerEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
The Honeymooners: 8x10 B&W photo signed by the series stars Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph and Jackie Gleason
0018: The HoneymoonersEst. $400-$800
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Rock Hudson: 8x10 photo signed by the actor whose career spanned over five decades
0019: Rock HudsonEst. $150-$300Lot Passed
Ken Howard: 8x10 signed photo of the actor, best known for his roles in The White Shadow and Crossing Jordan
0020: Ken HowardEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Harrison Ford: 8x10 B&W Raiders of the Lost Ark promotional photo signed by film's star
0021: Harrison FordEst. $200-$400
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Michael Jackson: A signed numbered (of 500) FDC honoring Boris Karloff signed by Michael as part of a 15th Thriller anniversary in 1998 it comes with copy of Michaels own letter attesting to this signing
0022: Michael JacksonEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
Lucille Ball: 8x10 B&W photo signed by the I Love Lucy star
0023: Lucille BallEst. $150-$300
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Gert Frobe: 8x10 B&W Goldfinger promotional photo signed by the actor who portrayed the character Auric Goldfinger in the film. Global Authentics certification
0024: Gert FrobeEst. $150-$300
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