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Shahsavan Bag FaceSarkislaKazak
DoneMay 29, 2021 12:13 PM EDT
Wiesbaden, Germany
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Major Spring Auction

Rare and antique carpets, flatweaves, embroideries and textiles.
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Shahsavan Bag Face: Second half 19th century, 50 x 40 cm, South East Caucasus, Moghan region The face of a rare Shahsavan bag woven in the sumakh technique, formerly part of a khorjin. Offset cruciform motifs combine
0001: Shahsavan Bag FaceEst. €2,600-€3,500
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Sarkisla: Mid 19th century, 202 x 117 cm, Eastern Central Anatolia, Sivas Province This Kurdish rug is from the surroundings of Sarkisla, a town in the province of Sivas. The dense repeat of diamonds arranged
0002: SarkislaEst. €3,600-€4,500Lot Passed
Kazak: First half 19th century, 227 x 174 cm, South West Caucasus This early Kazak cannot be assigned to any of the known design groups. Decorated with hooked diamonds in varying shapes and sizes, the
0003: KazakEst. €3,000-€4,000
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Shahsavan Bag: Mid 19th century, 68 x 43 cm, South East Caucasus, Moghan This very rare, finely woven Moghan Shahsavan sumakh bag shows the \"turtle gül\"", which often appears in larger bags, in a halved
0004: Shahsavan BagEst. €3,000-€3,800Lot Passed
Shahsavan Mafrash Side Panel: Mid 19th century, 55 x 53 cm, South East Caucasus, Moghan region A narrow panel of a Shahsavan mafrash from the Moghan-Savalan region, finely woven in the sumakh technique. A repeat of flat hexagons
0005: Shahsavan Mafrash Side PanelEst. €1,800-€2,400Lot Passed
Kazak: Mid 19th century, 239 x 175 cm, South West Caucasus Two powerful stepped polygons dominate the red field of this early Kazak. A small flat octagon enclosing a central hooked diamond on a yellow
0006: KazakEst. €3,600-€4,500Lot Passed
Tabriz: Second quarter 20th century, 296 x 215 cm, North West Persia, Azerbaijan This rare medallion carpet from one of the Tabriz master workshops shows a design in a striking geometric style that creates
0007: TabrizEst. €7,500-€10,000Lot Passed
Bakhtiari Kilim: Early 20th century, 359 x 137 cm, Western Central Persia, Chahar Mahal region This long Bakhtiari kilim from one of the villages in the Chahar Mahal region is woven in the single weft interlocking
0008: Bakhtiari KilimEst. €2,000-€3,000Lot Passed
Kerman: Second half 19th century, 187 x 126 cm, South Persia In this rare Kerman woven in the dozar format, an ogival, burgundy central medallion encloses blue arabesques that encircle a smaller dark blue
0009: KermanEst. €2,300-€2,800
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Shahsavan Bag Face: First half 19th century, 54 x 58 cm, North West Persia, Azerbaijan A Khamseh Shahsavan bag face finely woven in the sumakh technique, formerly part of a khorjin. In the field, two red and one
0010: Shahsavan Bag FaceEst. €1,500-€2,000
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Baluch Balisht: Second half 19th century, 89 x 40 cm, North East Persia, Khorasan This rare Balisht presents an animal design of small brown rams arranged in the red field in horizontal rows of changing directions.
0011: Baluch BalishtEst. €2,000-€2,600Lot Passed
Khalaj Kilim: Late 19th century, 335 x 159 cm, North Persia, Saveh region A heavy and comparatively coarse weaving on a dark brown wool warp, this single-panel village kilim is from Khalajastan, a region some 50
0012: Khalaj KilimEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Passed
Ersari Hanging or Sitting Rug: Late 19th century, 49 x 151 cm, Central Asia, middle Amu Darya valley A very rare Ersari woven in light and brilliant colours. Judging by its wide and low format, it either served as a decorative
0013: Ersari Hanging or Sitting RugEst. €3,000-€3,700
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Tekke Torba: Mid 19th century, 47 x 131 cm, Central Asia, West Turkestan In this extraordinarily wide Tekke torba, the six large primary güls appear like a design block in the middle of the dark mahogany field
0014: Tekke TorbaEst. €2,400-€2,900Lot Passed
Yomut Jolami Fragment: Second half 19th century, 131 x 53 cm, Central Asia, West Turkestan This fragment of a very wide, lavishly decorated Yomut tent band with kibitka motifs may be a weaving by the Igdir tribe of the
0015: Yomut Jolami FragmentEst. €1,700-€2,200Lot Passed
Tekke Ak Chuval: Second half 19th century, 81 x 118 cm, Central Asia, West Turkestan Always very finely and elaborately woven, Tekke ak chuvals were produced in a mixed technique: wide, plain dark red kilim stripes
0016: Tekke Ak ChuvalEst. €1,800-€2,400
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Ersari Chuval Fragment: Mid 19th century, 54 x 132 cm, Central Asia, middle Amu Darya valley There are only a very few known Ersari weavings presenting this design of blue and green trees arranged in offset rows and
0017: Ersari Chuval FragmentEst. €7,500-€9,000
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Sevan Kazak: First half 19th century, 234 x 149 cm, South West Caucasus This is an early example of a specific Sevan group in which the green shield medallion surrounded by a wide white outline is a design bar
0018: Sevan KazakEst. €6,000-€8,000
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Chinese Silk Rug: First quarter 20th century, 186 x 94 cm, North East China, Beijing Woven in the early 20th century, this silk rug with a metal-brocaded field ground and five dragons depicted among clouds echoes the
0019: Chinese Silk RugEst. €4,800-€6,000Lot Passed
Lesghi: Second half 19th century, 201 x 146 cm, North East Caucasus, Daghestan The comparatively small red central field contains one dark blue and one sea-green Lesghi star devices; both motifs have white
0020: LesghiEst. €3,600-€4,500Lot Passed
Jaff Bag Face: Late 19th century, 75 x 117 cm, West Persia, Kurdistan A Kurdish bag face from the Kermanshah region woven in a horizontal format. A salmon diamond surrounded by four white motifs lies at the centre
0021: Jaff Bag FaceEst. €2,400-€2,800Lot Passed
Azeri Khorjin: Second half 19th century, 151 x 62 cm, South Caucasus, Azerbaijan This Azeri double bag woven in the single weft interlocking technique is completely preserved, including the connecting panel and
0022: Azeri KhorjinEst. €750-€1,000
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Luri Kilim: Late 19th century, 307 x 146 cm, South West Persia, Fars A colourful Luri kilim woven in the single weft interlocking technique on a goat hair warp. Three nested diamonds with stepped outlines lie
0023: Luri KilimEst. €3,400-€4,500
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Yesilova Kilim: Mid 19th century, 390 x 164 cm, Central Anatolia, Nigde Province This two-panel kilim woven in a distinctive design and a specific palette is from the village of Yesilova. Two elongated shield
0024: Yesilova KilimEst. €4,200-€5,500Lot Passed