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41147: Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Worn Portable Life Suppo
41069: Alan Bean Signed Artist Proof Apollo 8 Print "Ho41089: John Young's Official United States Passport, Ju
Dallas, TX, United States
DoneWed, Apr 21, 2010 6:00 PM UTC

2010 April Space Exploration Auction #6037

There's a famous saying among space buffs that if you took all personal items and mission-used materials that went with the Apollo astronauts to the moon and then came back to earth — excluding moon rocks — then the total contents would just about fill a large suitcase. Time after time Heritage has been fortunate to visit that mythical Samsonite, and each time the lots, and the prices, continue to amaze collectors of Space and set auction pricing records. Please place April 21st, 2010 on your calendar for another exceptional offering of these historical rarities.