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90477: Astronaut Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin Autograp
90523: "Heading Out" by Michael Collins, 1999 An ORIGIN90181: Apollo A6L Prototype Spacesuit
Bell Canyon, CA, United States
DoneWed, May 4, 2005 10:00 PM UTC

Space & Aviation Memorabilia

Session 1 (April 23, 2005)includes an exciting array of US Manned space flight artifacts, equipment, literature and memorabilia, including items flown to and used on the Moon. Included in this session are items from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs as well as the joint US-Soviet Apollo Soyuz flight. Session 2 (April 24, 2005) includes artifacts. literature and memorabilia from the US Shuttle flights, International Space Station, ballooning, airships, aviation, rockets/missles/satelites, as well as items from both the Soviet/Russian AND chinese manned space programs. We also have items flown aboard the privately funded, X Prize winning Space Ship One and items from the science fiction series and movies, Star Trek.