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139: Palace Hotel / St. Moritz. 1920
288: Chat Noir. 18962: Pneu Michelin. 1895
New York, NY, United States
DoneFeb 13, 2011 4:00 PM UTC

The Winter Sale

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SALE: 30 BICYCLE POSTERS: This section includes some of the best of the early bicycle images, including two rare works by Barrere, Cheret's impressive Cleveland Cycles, Pal's Falcon, Ramsdell's American Crescent and Vincent's charming Cycles Cottereau. 30 BY LEONETTO CAPPIELLO: Some of the best are featured here: Corset le Furet, Suc du Velay, Cordial-Medoc, Pneu Russian, Zenith, Creme de Luzy, Fleurissez vos Fenetres and Chocolat Ackermans. 30 AMERICAN LITERARY POSTERS: All the top artists are included: Bradley, Bragdon, Gould, Hazenplug, Penfield, Ethel Reed, Louis Rhead -- and even Steinberg's famous New Yorker poster. 25 AVIATION POSTERS: From early flights to the best of contemporary Air France, United Air, Pan American, TWA and KLM airlines. 60 TRAVEL POSTERS: From the seaside posters to winter sports, exciting images that tempt the traveler. Some top artists include: Roger Broders, Emil Cardinaux, Alois Carigiet, Cassandre, Paul Colin, Andrew Johnson, Albert Sebille, Roger Soubie and Norman Wilkinson. POSTERS 1880-1914: From early show posters (including Buffalo Bill) and theatrical presentations, the top Belle Epoque posterists are represented: Barrere, Bouisset, Cheret (13, including La Juive, Paris-Chicago, Punch Grassot, Fleur de Lotus), Grasset, Gruen, Ibels, Livemont, Lobel, Mucha (the very rare Bleuze-Hadancourt Perfumes and the complete Stages of Life), Pal, Parrish, Pean, Penfiled, Steinlen, Tamagno and Toulouse-Lautrec. POST-1914 POSTERS: The Art Deco and Modern Period includes fashion and entertainment images, with works of Baumberger, Brunelleschi, Carlu, Cassandre, Chagall, Colin, Domergue, Dupas, Engelhard, Glaser, Gruau, Hohlwein, Kauffer, Loupot, Madrazo, Schnackenberg, Shahn, Villemot, and Vincent.
3: Hurtu. 1896
15: Humber.