BOS Apr 30th Fine Art & Antique time Auction 2022-04-30 Auction - 512 Price Results - Empire Auction House, Inc. in MA
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Boston, MA, United States
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BOS Apr 30th Fine Art & Antique time Auction

Empire Auction   Payment must be received within 6 days after auction ends and Jadeite items must be paid within 3 days. If the buyer fails to pay within 6 days, he/she is responsible for any loss or other fees or damages incurred. Also, Empire's Auction would not promise to hold lots and reserves the right to re-offer/cancel the items. If new bidders register the auction, Empire auction needs bidders to provide full name, phone number, email and Credit card information to We will charge $500 for an auction deposit which is returned after an auction end. If a bidder wins lots, the deposit would be returned after an invoice paid.  All Invoices will be paid or charged by our company's required payment methods.  Due to COVID-19, all the shipments may be delayed. Item(s) will be shipped within 30-45 days. We will only keep items for bidders after complete payment.  Description about the period is Consignors' opinion and should in no way be construed as a guarantee. All sales are final. No returns and refunds. All sales need to be made under Buyers Premium.
Lot Number: Lowest
SEVEN EYES PATTERN DZI: Dimension 13 x 43 mm
0001: SEVEN EYES PATTERN DZIEst. $200-$2,000Lot Passed
SIX EYES PATTERN DZI: Dimension 14 x 38 mm
0002: SIX EYES PATTERN DZIEst. $200-$2,000Lot Passed
AMBER CARVED ROUND BANGLE: Thickness 0.9 cm / Inner-Diameter 6 cm / Weight 19g
0008: AMBER CARVED ROUND BANGLEEst. $100-$1,000Lot Passed
TIBETAN SOUTH RED AGATE BRACELET: Big Bead-Diameter 2.3 cm / Small Bead-Diameter 1.6 cm / Weight 55g
0009: TIBETAN SOUTH RED AGATE BRACELETEst. $200-$1,500Lot Passed
AMBER CARVED BEADED BRACELET: Bead-Diameter 0.9 cm / SIze 2.9 x 1.4 cm / Width 12.3g
0010: AMBER CARVED BEADED BRACELETEst. $100-$1,000Lot Passed
AMBER CARVED BEADED BRACELET: Bead-Diameter 1.3 cm / Turtle shell Size 2.3 x 1.8 cm / Width 23.5g
0011: AMBER CARVED BEADED BRACELETEst. $200-$1,500Lot Passed
AMBER CARVED PENDANT: Dimension 3.5 x 3.33 x 6.6 cm
0013: AMBER CARVED PENDANTEst. $800-$5,000Lot Passed
BEESWAX CARVED BEADED NECKLACE: Bead-Diameter 1.1 cm / Weight 111g
0015: BEESWAX CARVED BEADED NECKLACEEst. $400-$3,000Lot Passed
BEESWAX CARVED PLAIN SNUFF BOTTLE: Length 7.7 cm / Width 4.12 cm
0017: BEESWAX CARVED PLAIN SNUFF BOTTLEEst. $800-$5,000Lot Passed
CRYSTAL CARVED BONSAI: Dimension 21 x 15.5 x 34 cm
0019: CRYSTAL CARVED BONSAIEst. $400-$3,000Lot Passed
CRYSTAL CARVED MELON PENDANT: Dimension 6.3 x 2.7 x 3.4 cm
0020: CRYSTAL CARVED MELON PENDANTEst. $100-$1,000Lot Passed
QUARTZ CRYSTAL CARVED RUYI: Length 19.7 cm / Width 5.4 cm / Thickness 3.5 cm
0021: QUARTZ CRYSTAL CARVED RUYIEst. $200-$2,000Lot Passed