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1329: Complete Dali Zodiac Collection, 12 Pen1244: 19th C. Mahogany Figural Lion Paw Dinin1336: 1506 A.D. Leatherbound French Bible Tex
DoneSep 29, 2003 8:20 AM EDT
Hampton, VA, United States
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Complete Dali “Zodiac” Print Series, Ornate Carved Oak Hall Stand, Carved Rosewood Sofa, Mahog. Game Tables, Claw Foot Game Table, Victorian Chairs, Inlaid Pembroke Tables, Fabulous Empire Lions Head and Paw Dining Table, Carved Oak Figural Tavern Bench, 18th C. Chairs, Cherry Scroll Foot Center Table, Set of 8 Ball & Claw Chippendale Style Dining Chairs, Pine library Table, 19th C. Dro0p Leaf Tables, Two Pc. Painted Pine Cupboard, Mahogany Chinas, Pine Entertainment Center, Queen Anne Chairs, Henredon Dining Table, Blanket Chests, Consoles with Mirrors, Room Divider Screens, 5 Pc. Early Victorian Parlour Set, Carved Handle Victorian Scallop & Peg Marble Top Vanity, 3 Pc. Deco Bedroom Set, Brass Bed, Large Set Steiff “Rose” Sterling Flatware, Sterling Bread Trays, Sterling Bowls, Sterling Footed Compote, Sterling Syrup, Sterling Plates, Sil. Plated Tea Caddy and Double Chafers, Sil Plated Double Pickle Castor w/Fork, Four Sets of Limoges Dinnerware, Huge Collection “Jewel Tea”, Coll. Pickard Gold Serving Pieces, Dresden, Lladro Figurines, Game Set, Rosenthal, Lenox Animals & Angesl of Life, Vignaud Limoges Dinnerware, A. Laterniere, Theodore Haviland “Chalfonet” , Haviland “Bretagne, Van Briggle ieces, Weller, Red Wing, Fiesta, Blue Decorated Crocks & Jugs, Stoneware, Raku, Waterbury Gingerbread Clock, LeCoutre Disk Pendulum Anniversary Clock, Bonn Ceramic Case Clock with Anwsonia Works “La Seine”, Mission Oak Wall Clock, Collection FABULOUS Costume Jewelry-all the top Names, Signed Art Glass, Cut Crystal, Heisey, Carnival, Sets Crystal Stemware, Victorian, Hobnail, Fenton, Amber “Mayfair” eparession, Opalescent, Yarn Winder, Spinning Wheel, Primitives, Kitty Quilt, Andeas Stensen Teak Piano, Regemental Steins, Linens, Fog Horn, Earthquake Detector, Complete Salvidore Dali “Zodiac” Print Series, Watercolors, Tarkay Pring, Austrian Plaque, Victorian Prints, Oriental Rugs, Lighting, Much More.
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