Paper Unframed 2022: Exhibition & Auction 2022-09-11 Auction - 120 Price Results - WAAM | Woodstock Artists Association & Museum in NY
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Christine Guarino, ElaineThomas Sarrantonio, Etude, Violet and GreenPhilippe Halaburda, Byyvaar 1
Woodstock, NY, United States
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Paper Unframed 2022: Exhibition & Auction

Paper Unframed: Exhibition & Auction includes over 100 works of art by distinguished artists of the Hudson Valley/Catskills Region. The annual benefit exhibition and auction will take place online through Live Auctioneers and in the galleries over two weekends in September. The extensive selection of works on paper showcases the breadth of talent by WAAM's artistic community and provides opportunities for collectors of various stages and interests to support the institution. All work will start at $100 and proceeds will go towards supporting WAAM contemporary exhibitions and art education programs serving artists and students in the Hudson Valley/Catskills Region. Visit LiveAuctioneers on or after August 21 to register and place your bid online.
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Daniel Boyer, Gothic Painting: Gouache on paper 2013 size:15" x 11"
0002: Daniel Boyer, Gothic PaintingEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
Fern Apfel, Dearest: Mixed Media: Collage & acrylic on museum board 2017 size:7" x 7"
0004: Fern Apfel, DearestEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
Susan Caumont, Local Universe: Print and mixed media date created:2022 size:8.5" x 5.5"
0005: Susan Caumont, Local UniverseEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
David Bender, Drakaina: White ink over dye-based drawing ink on Arches hot-pressed paper date created:2020 size:16.5" x 13.5"
0008: David Bender, DrakainaEst. $250-$500Lot Passed
Christine Guarino, Elaine: Watercolor date created:1968 size:16" x 10"
0009: Christine Guarino, ElaineEst. $100-$250
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John Scribner, Natural Jackson: vintage print, lenticular, collage, gouache, colored pencils date created:2022 size:10.5" x 7.5"
0010: John Scribner, Natural JacksonEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
Carole Kunstadt, Duality: twig, gampi tissue, thread, kimono silk, antique book pages (1844) date created:2007 size:11" x 11"
0011: Carole Kunstadt, DualityEst. $250-$500
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Bobby Blitzer, Winter Squash: Watercolor date created:1989 size:11" x 16"
0012: Bobby Blitzer, Winter SquashEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
Iain Machell, Tree 79: Acrylic on paper date created:2022 size:10" x 4"
0014: Iain Machell, Tree 79Est. $100-$250
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Annie Lewis, Eavesdrop: collage date created:2022 size:16" x 20"
0016: Annie Lewis, EavesdropEst. $100-$200
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Yale Epstein, Sea Breach: Gesso, Acrylic, Pencils, Pastel date created:2019 size:7.5" x 8.5"
0017: Yale Epstein, Sea BreachEst. $100-$250
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Maxine Davidowitz, Sonora Study IV: monotype date created:2020 size:16" x 15"
0022: Maxine Davidowitz, Sonora Study IVEst. $175-$350
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David Kadish, Inner Harmonic: Inkjet Print on Glossy Paper date created:2022 size:10.5" x 10.5"
0023: David Kadish, Inner HarmonicEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
Dorothea Marcus, The Eyes Have It: Collage date created:2022 size:11" x 8.5"
0024: Dorothea Marcus, The Eyes Have ItEst. $175-$350
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Alex Testere, self-portrait: pastels on paper, 8x10" date created:2022 size:10" x 8"
0025: Alex Testere, self-portraitEst. $100-$250
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Nancy O'Hara, Red #9: pencil, pastel date created:2018 size:8" x 8"
0026: Nancy O'Hara, Red #9Est. $100-$250Lot Passed