Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana 2003-10-12 Auction - 1528 Price Results - Early American History Auctions in CA
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Louisa C. Adams Signature, 1842: Scarce Louisa Catherine Adams ALS LOUISA CATHERINE ADAMS, First Lady, Wife of President John Quincy Adams. Autograph Letter Signed, “Louisa Catherine Adams / Wife of John Quincy Adams” on plain
0001: Louisa C. Adams Signature, 1842Est. $800-$1,200Lot Passed
Hiroshima A-Bomb Crew Signed Print: (ATOMIC BOMB). Color Print Signed, “Paul W. Tibbets,” undated, 18.5” x 24.5,” Choice Mint condition. A colorful rendering of the Enola Gay in flight, with a caption beneath
0006: Hiroshima A-Bomb Crew Signed PrintEst. $400-$600
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P.T. Barnum Signed Letter 1876: P.T. Barnum Arranges To Use The Centennial of the American Revolution As Publicity For His Traveling Show! PHINEAS P.T. BARNUM, American impresario and self-proclaimed “Prince of
0007: P.T. Barnum Signed Letter 1876Est. $600-$900Lot Passed
Mathew Brady Pictured in CDV 1863: Rare Image of Famous Photographer “Mathew Brady” (MATHEW BRADY), Civil War-era Photographer. 1863 CDV of Secretary of State William Seward, Mathew Brady & Others, by W. J. Baker, Utica,
0009: Mathew Brady Pictured in CDV 1863Est. $2,400-$2,800Lot Passed
Gen.Benjamin Butler Signed Document: Civil War “Coloured Cavalry” Appointment BENJAMIN F. BUTLER, Union General. Partly-printed Document Signed, “Benj F. Butler,” as Major General Commanding, Department of
0011: Gen.Benjamin Butler Signed DocumentEst. $1,000-$1,500Lot Passed
Andrew Carnegie Signed Letter 1913: “Andrew Carnegie” Letter with Excellent Content ANDREW CARNEGIE, American Industrialist and Humanitarian. Typed Letter Signed, “Andrew Carnegie,” on personal, engraved
0012: Andrew Carnegie Signed Letter 1913Est. $1,200-$1,800Lot Passed
Cherokee Nation Treaty, 1835: Magnificent Contemporary Letter About the Infamous Treaty of New Echota! (CHEROKEE NATION: TREATY OF NEW ECHOTA). This fraudulent Treaty by which the Cherokees sold their land in Georgia to the
0013: Cherokee Nation Treaty, 1835Est. $800-$1,200Lot Passed
Over 100 Civil War Era Autographs: Extensive Lot of Over 100 Civil War Era Autographs (CIVIL WAR AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION). From the estate of Mrs. C.B. Thomson and G.S. Chapin, a collection of some seventeen 9” x 7.5” sheets
0014: Over 100 Civil War Era AutographsEst. $800-$1,200Lot Passed
George Clinton Signed Document 1747: George Clinton Document With King George’s War Content GEORGE CLINTON, Colonial Governor of New York.; Later Admiral in the British Navy. Manuscript Document Signed, “G: Clinton”
0017: George Clinton Signed Document 1747Est. $1,250-$1,750Lot Passed
1923 Signed Letter-Calvin Coolidge: In Mourning For The Dead President CALVIN COOLIDGE. Typed Letter Signed, as President, 1 page, on rare black-bordered White House mourning stationery, 7” x 9,” Washington, August 11,
0020: 1923 Signed Letter-Calvin CoolidgeEst. $400-$600
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Calvin Coolidge Signed Note: CALVIN COOLIDGE. Autograph Note Signed, “CC” on plain stationery from the Hotel Touraine of Boston, MA, undated, 8.5” x 5.5,” Very Fine. A short note, written in pencil:
0024: Calvin Coolidge Signed NoteEst. $300-$400Lot Passed