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305: Mine Okubo (b. 1913) Japanese262: John Levee (b. 1924) American236: Luis Jimenez Jr. (b. 1940) American
DoneSep 26, 2005 12:20 PM EDT
Van Nuys, CA, United States
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September 25th Estate Auction

Fine Arts and collectibles, including rare paintings and prints, sculpture, photography, glassware from Contemporary, Modern, Latin American
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Norman Ackroyd & Bernard Dorny (two): LOCH, 1975, etching, signed in pencil, image 7 ¾ x 7", full margins; Bernard Dorny, UNTITLED, color intaglio etching, signed in pencil, image 11 ½ x 8", both published by Print Club of Cleveland,
0001: Norman Ackroyd & Bernard Dorny (two)Est. $100-$200
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Yaccov Agam & Rofevhouse (two): PORTRAIT OF A GIRL, ink drawing on paper, 11 x 8 ½", signed lower left, framed with glass, hinge remnants on verso visible on recto; together with Rofevhouse, GIRL WITH DOVE, color lithograph,
0002: Yaccov Agam & Rofevhouse (two)Est. $100-$200See Sold Price
Joseph Albers (1888-1976) German: VARIATION, 1968, color screenprint, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition 100, image 18 ¾ x 21 ¾", full margins, framed, three small scrapes with ink loss.
0003: Joseph Albers (1888-1976) GermanEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) Spanish: CARMEN series, embossed color lithograph on Japon paper, signed in pencil, from the numbered edition Roman numeral 75, image 20 ¼ x 27 ½", full margins, framed with glass.
0004: Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) SpanishEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) Spanish: WOMEN AND BIRDS, color lithograph on embossed paper, signed in pencil, artist's proof 25, image 23 ½ x 18", full margins, framed with glass.
0005: Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) SpanishEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) Spanish: LA PALOMA, cast bronze sculpture, 8 x 9 ¼", signed, from the numbered edition 200, mounted to base, total height 10".
0006: Sunol Alvar (b. 1935) SpanishEst. $600-$900
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Animation Cel: Bugs Bunny: BUGS BUNNY AND DAFFY DUCK, original hand painted production cel with original hand painted background, 7 ½ x 9 ½", Warner Brothers, framed with glass.
0008: Animation Cel: Bugs BunnyEst. $300-$600See Sold Price
Animation Cel: Jetsons: JETSONS, ROSIE CLEANS UP, hand painted limited edition cel with printed background, 9 ½ x 11 ¾", from the numbered edition 300, with autographs by Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera, framed with glass.
0009: Animation Cel: JetsonsEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Animation Cels: Pinocchio (four): PINOCCHIO AND THE EMPEROR OF THE NIGHT, 1987, two original hand-painted animation cels with printed backgrounds, and two original pencil sketches, each 8 ½ x 11 ¼", Filmation, all in one frame.
0010: Animation Cels: Pinocchio (four)Est. $100-$200See Sold Price
Animation Cels: Popeye (four): POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN, four original hand-painted animation cels with original hand painted backgrounds, 9 x 11" to 9 x 13", King Features, all matted. (4)
0011: Animation Cels: Popeye (four)Est. $200-$400See Sold Price
Animation Cel: Scooby Doo: SHAGGY, SCOOBY, THELMA & ANOTHER IN AN OFFICE, original hand-painted animation cel including background, 7 x 9", Hanna & Barbera, matted.
0012: Animation Cel: Scooby DooEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Animation Cel: Star Trek: STAR TREK, an original hand-painted animation cel with printed background, 8 x 12", Filmation, framed with glass.
0013: Animation Cel: Star TrekEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
Dave Archer (b.1941) American: MOUNTAIN DREAMS, 1985, reverse painting on glass, 30 x 36", signed and dated lower left, framed. Provenance: Swanson Art Gallery, San Francisco.
0020: Dave Archer (b.1941) AmericanEst. $1,000-$2,000See Sold Price
Arman (b. 1928) French: ARMAN ACCUMULATIONS RENAULT, MUSEE DES ARTS DECORATIFS, PARIS, 1969, color screenprint exhibition poster, 29 ¼ x 18 ½", signed in pencil, printed by Arte, framed with glass.
0021: Arman (b. 1928) FrenchEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
Charles Arnoldi (b. 1946) American: UNTITLED, 1985, acrylic painted chain-sawed wood, 48 x 38 x 3", signed and dated.
0022: Charles Arnoldi (b. 1946) AmericanEst. $10,000-$15,000See Sold Price
Bijan Bahar (b. 1942) American: UNTITLED, acrylic sculpture, 16 ¾" tall, from the edition of 190, signed.
0023: Bijan Bahar (b. 1942) AmericanEst. $1,200-$1,600See Sold Price
Tom Balbo (20th Century) American: CORNERED MOMENTS, multicolored cast paper sculpture, 37 x 35", signed lower left, Plexiglas box frame.
0024: Tom Balbo (20th Century) AmericanEst. $200-$400See Sold Price