Variety-Arms, Armour, Pre-Columbian and Asian 2024-02-15 Auction - 299 Price Results - Scollard Auctions in CA
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Type D Nayarit Seated Female Figure: Chinesco, 100 BC - 250 AD. Wonderful dark orange slip over cream slip, seated female with incised hat and painted skirt and earrings. Size 7 1/2" H x 7" Wex-private Cliff Baker collection, San Diego
0001: Type D Nayarit Seated Female FigureEst. $1,600-$2,400Buy Now for $1,600.00
Large Pair of Legendary Chinese Qilin Statues: Large Chinese bronze qilin statues with elaborate details throughout. Each qilin has a smaller qilin riding on top of each other, with wonderfully detailed scales and heavily decorated designs
0002: Large Pair of Legendary Chinese Qilin StatuesEst. $700-$1,000
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Excavated Roman Pugio Dagger, Circa 100 CE: Authentic excavated Roman pugio dagger circa 100 CE. Heavy reinforcing medial ridge, classic form, hilt absent. A very rare survival example from the Ex-Martin B. Retting Collection, legendary arms
0003: Excavated Roman Pugio Dagger, Circa 100 CEEst. $1,000-$2,000Buy Now for $1,000.00
Large Luristan Spear, Ex-Retting Collection: Large Luristan spear in intact condition with a raised central ridge and double edged blade. The base with a concave section before the tang. Size 18 1/4International Arms and Armour Collection,
0004: Large Luristan Spear, Ex-Retting CollectionEst. $1,200-$2,400Buy Now for $1,200.00
Superb Luristan Spear, Circa 1000 BCE: Superb Luristan spear circa 1000 BCE. The socket decorated with relief motifs and turnings. The shaft with chevron decoration. Ultra fine original patination. Piece brought from Turkey to the United
0006: Superb Luristan Spear, Circa 1000 BCEEst. $500-$1,000
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Fine American Eagle Head Cavalry Sword, 1800's: Solid metal guard with an American eagle head pommel entirely made of metal. Bone carved grip with linear incised designs, patinated over time and use. Guard is arched with five bulb details in
0007: Fine American Eagle Head Cavalry Sword, 1800'sEst. $1,600-$2,400Buy Now for $1,600.00
American Civil War Foot Officers Sword: American civil war sword with polished heavily pierced brass handle and rewrapped grip. Single edged blade with slight curve and flat back, etching to the face near handle but is worn and hard to
0008: American Civil War Foot Officers SwordEst. $600-$900Buy Now for $600.00
Austrian Naval Officer Saber Sword: Model 1850 / 71 Imperial Austrian naval officers sword or saber with original scabbard. Single edged straight blade with a shallow fuller length of the baled. Scabbard with original leather and brass
0009: Austrian Naval Officer Saber SwordEst. $1,000-$1,500
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Spanish " Briquet " Model 1840 Sword: Spanish Model 1840 Infantry sword manufactured in Toledo with all brass handle and inscription to blade reading " M. Arta Faba De Toledo 1840 " Long single edged slightly curved blade with pointed
0010: Spanish " Briquet " Model 1840 SwordEst. $200-$400
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Finnish Knife w/ Scabbard: Inscribed Finnish knife in sheath with handle in black with red and white bands. The handle incised with a wolf and scenic forest background. Signed to the ricasso Finland and inscribed to the fuller
0014: Finnish Knife w/ ScabbardEst. $100-$200
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European Gladiator Sword, 19th century: Gladius sword 19th century, double edged blade with a single solid brass handle with incised bands to grip. Size 23 1/2" L, blade 17 1/2" L
0015: European Gladiator Sword, 19th centuryEst. $400-$600Buy Now for $400.00
Large Spanish Navaja Folding Knife: Large Spanish Navaja folding knife made popular as a Spanish pirate and maritime use weapon. Likey 19th century. Size 16 1/2" L, blade 7"
0016: Large Spanish Navaja Folding KnifeEst. $400-$600Buy Now for $400.00
Imperial German Drum Hanger: Two Imperial German or WWII drum eagle Trommelhaken cast brass with hooks. One with the crown over eagle and the other a later casting. Size 4 1/2" H
0017: Imperial German Drum HangerEst. $200-$300Buy Now for $200.00
Large Spanish Door Knocker, 16th-17th century: Iberian peninsula, Spain 17th century or earlier door knocker with spiked iron hinge and thick heavy carved round knocker. Size 13 1/2" H x 11 1/2" W weighs 6 poundsCalifornia Art Collection, Spanish
0018: Large Spanish Door Knocker, 16th-17th centuryEst. $500-$1,000Buy Now for $500.00
Medieval Iron Buckles, 14th-15th C.: Medieval iron buckles 14th/15th century in various metals for use in armour, shoes, leather straps and belts etc. Largest 2 1/4"
0019: Medieval Iron Buckles, 14th-15th C.Est. $80-$120Buy Now for $80.00
Fine Pair of Dual Indian Battle-Axe, 19th C.: Persia or India, fine pair of dual Indian battle-axe, 19th century. All steel construction with gilt, decorated and engraved crescent moon shaped axe heads and both with a tall central four sided
0020: Fine Pair of Dual Indian Battle-Axe, 19th C.Est. $1,200-$1,500Buy Now for $1,200.00
Japanese WWII period Gunto Katana Sword: Japanese WWII period katana with lacquered black scabbard and original bronze mounts. Long sweeping blade with a wavy steel pattern. Size 42" L, blade 29" L Japanese WWII katanas, also known as
0021: Japanese WWII period Gunto Katana SwordEst. $800-$1,200
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Japanese Officers Gunto Sword, WWII: WWII Japanese Gunto katana (sword) with original scabbard. Gilded bronze mounts, ray skin grip, original wrappings and loop to pommel. Size 39" L, blade 25 1/2" LLos Angeles Arms and Armour Collection
0022: Japanese Officers Gunto Sword, WWIIEst. $1,200-$1,600Buy Now for $1,200.00
Decorative Chinese Spear Head: A decorative ceremonial Chinese-style spear head with carving throughout and two rings to either side. Size 16" L
0023: Decorative Chinese Spear HeadEst. $80-$120Buy Now for $80.00
Chinese Stone Carved Decorate Short Sword: Interestingly carved Chinese hardstone carved short sword with beast like character face to each handle. Double edged fuller with short cross guard and incised grip. Size 20 7/8" L
0025: Chinese Stone Carved Decorate Short SwordEst. $160-$240Buy Now for $160.00