DESIGN & CONTEMPORARY ART 2012-10-04 Auction - 350 Price Results - SAN CARLO ASTE in TO
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151: GUFRAM142: BRAQUE GEORGE (France 1882 - 1963)307: GALLO BEPPE (Castagnole delle Lanze 1942)
Torino, TO, Italy
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DESIGN & CONTEMPORARY ART TORINO - ITALY October the 4th, 2012 - 4:30 pm
Lot Number: Lowest
Porsche Design Lamp: Porsche Design Lamp
0001: Porsche Design LampEst. €200-€300Lot Passed
George Sowden: Glastonbury Lamp for Arc74 Milano, 1983
0002: George SowdenEst. €1,000-€1,400Lot Passed
FELICE REGAZZO: Polyhedral Lamp for DH Guzzini, 1969
0003: FELICE REGAZZOEst. €1,200-€1,600Lot Passed
PAGANI & PELLEGRINI: Lamp "La Luna" for Gabbianelli,1967
0004: PAGANI & PELLEGRINIEst. €900-€1,200Lot Passed
0005: ACHILLE & PIER GIACOMO CASTIGLIONIEst. €600-€800Lot Passed
STUDIO ARDITI & GIANNI GAMBERINI: Lamp BT Series for Sormani, 1971
0006: STUDIO ARDITI & GIANNI GAMBERINIEst. €1,000-€1,400Lot Passed
INGO MAURER: Lamp Bulb Opal for Design M Ingo Maurer, 1970 Bibliography "Design di mobili del XX secolo" ed. Taschen
0007: INGO MAUREREst. €900-€1,200Lot Passed
FORNASETTI: Mirror 80x100 cm
0008: FORNASETTIEst. €4,500-€6,000Lot Passed
GRUPPO DAM: Book chair Gruppo Dam for Busnelli, 1970
0009: GRUPPO DAMEst. €6,000-€8,000Lot Passed
SOTTSASS ETTORE: Nairobi cm 85x55x190 Structure of veneer multilayers, colour red. Brass knobs. Internal structure of wood flap, colour black.
0010: SOTTSASS ETTOREEst. €9,000-€12,000Lot Passed
ANTONIO CITTERIO: XXL, Lamp. Base cm 50; H cm 200 Steel structure covered of satinized nickel. Internal and external glass diffusers.
0011: ANTONIO CITTERIOEst. €3,000-€4,000Lot Passed
SHIRO KURAMATRA (1987 - 2010): How high the moon, armchair. cm 75x85 Steel and chromium-plated armchair.
0012: SHIRO KURAMATRA (1987 - 2010)Est. €6,500-€9,000Lot Passed
PESCE GAETANO (La Spezia 1939): Armchair "Smorfia completa" cm 90x70x110 plastic and screen printed back signed by the autor.
0013: PESCE GAETANO (La Spezia 1939)Est. €3,750-€5,000Lot Passed
GISMONDI ERNESTO: "Lampada Chi", lamp cm 26 Aluminium structure with spherical glass diffuser, colour white.
0014: GISMONDI ERNESTOEst. €300-€400Lot Passed
PIERRE CHARPIN: Lamp "27" - Objects collection Lenti, 2005
0015: PIERRE CHARPINEst. €1,500-€2,000Lot Passed
PETER SHIRE: Vase Joe Elegant for Ponte Vivarini/Murano, 1990 ca.
0016: PETER SHIREEst. €600-€800Lot Passed
SOTTSASS ETTORE (Innsbruck 1917-2007): Couple of lamps Halo Click for Philips, 1988
0017: SOTTSASS ETTORE (Innsbruck 1917-2007)Est. €1,350-€1,800Lot Passed
MIMMO PALLADINO: Solus. cm 165x50x175, beechwood furniture with bronze coffer.
0017A: MIMMO PALLADINOEst. €20,000-€26,000Lot Passed
PESCE GAETANO (La Spezia 1939): Pesce Table (face)cm 198x125x74 Liquid gum flat, on a metal lattice. Date and signature under the top, Memphis production.
0018: PESCE GAETANO (La Spezia 1939)Est. €20,000-€26,000Lot Passed
CRACKING ART GROUP (1993): Snail. 55x30x40cm Black plastic multiple no. 22/200
0018A: CRACKING ART GROUP (1993)Est. €750-€1,000Lot Passed
MADEO DINO (Rossano-CS): "L'infanzia spezzata" (Broken Childhood) Oil painting on canvas, 100x80 cm
0019: MADEO DINO (Rossano-CS)Est. €600-€800Lot Passed
DOTTORI GERARDO (1884-1977): "Sole nel bosco" (Sun in the wood) 1930 Painting mixed on paper 50x35cm
0019A: DOTTORI GERARDO (1884-1977)Est. €15,000-€20,000Lot Passed
VANMEKELEN KOEN: "Fire", Glass sculpture. Limited edition
0020: VANMEKELEN KOENEst. €21,000-€28,000Lot Passed
GILARDI PIERO (Torino 1942): "Sedilsasso" cm 70x56x48 plastic foam chair
0021: GILARDI PIERO (Torino 1942)Est. €1,100-€1,500Lot Passed