Antique Edged Weapons Auction on Aug 24, 2024 by Davidson Auctions in New South Wales
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Extremely Rare Vijayanagara, Chakravarti Short SwordImpressive 17th/18th C Jade Hilted Mughal KhanjarVery Rare Sheffield Bowie Knife, c.1855.
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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Antique Edged Weapons

Featuring the estates of two prominent New South Wales (Australia) collectors: late Warren Anderson; and late George Fennell. Comprising outstanding Indo-Persian edged weapons, and rare 19th Century Bowie knives, along with reference libraries, miscellaneous world knives etc.
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17th C Mughal Jade Hilted Khajar: 17th C Mughal Jade Hilted Khajar Pistol grip dark green jade hilt with floral silk inlay. Recurved, double edged wootz steel blade, the forte carved with floral decoration. A near identical silver
0002: 17th C Mughal Jade Hilted KhajarEst. A$2,000-A$4,000A$1,900
Qajar Period Jambiya: Qajar Period Jambiya Fine wootz steel blade, ivory hilt. NB: ivory export restrictions (L34cm)
0004: Qajar Period JambiyaEst. A$800-A$1,500A$750
18th/19th C Bronze Hilted Chilanum: 18th/19th C Bronze Hilted Chilanum With a riveted khanjar blade. Horn-shaped pommel and recurved knuckle-bow with bud terminal. With purple velvet covered wooden scabbard (worn). (L42cm) PROVENANCE:
0006: 18th/19th C Bronze Hilted ChilanumEst. A$300-A$500A$275(1 bid)
19th C Double Kard: 19th C Double Kard Damascus steel with gold koftgari inlay. The larger knife of hollow construction, with hinged pommel cap opening to house the smaller knife. Matching gold floral koftgari and
0007: 19th C Double KardEst. A$700-A$1,200A$650(1 bid)
17th/18th C Mughal Jade Hilted Kard: 17th/18th C Mughal Jade Hilted Kard Celadon green jade hilt naturalistically carved camel head pommel. Kundan set cabochon beryl eyes. Single edge tapering wootz steel blade with 'Kirk Nardeban and
0009: 17th/18th C Mughal Jade Hilted KardEst. A$1,500-A$3,000A$1,400(1 bid)
18th/19th C Indo-Persian Kard: 18th/19th C Indo-Persian Kard Wide watered damascus steel blade with floral gold koftgari inlay to forte and spine. Pale grey/green jade grips held by 3 pins with gold floret rivet heads. Silk
0010: 18th/19th C Indo-Persian KardEst. A$1,000-A$2,000A$950
18th C Indo-Persian Pesh-Kabz: 18th C Indo-Persian Pesh-Kabz With impressive, fine grain wootz steel 'T' section blade. Ricasso and tang edge with heavy gold floral koftgari. Ivory grips with mellow patina and fine age cracks.
0013: 18th C Indo-Persian Pesh-KabzEst. A$1,500-A$3,000A$1,400
18th/19th C Indo-Persian Pesh Kabz: 18th/19th C Indo-Persian Pesh Kabz Wide, strongly curved blade with armour piercing tip. Later replaced marine ivory grip scales, and leather covered scabbard. NB: ivory export restrictions (L40cm)
0017: 18th/19th C Indo-Persian Pesh KabzEst. A$300-A$600A$275(1 bid)
16th/17th C Persian Shamshir Sword: 16th/17th C Persian Shamshir Sword Heavy wedge section blade with a strong contrasting wootz pattern showing all over. Five inlaid cartouches translated as 'Allah Make Me Good', 'Allah Make Me
0023: 16th/17th C Persian Shamshir SwordEst. A$800-A$1,500A$1,400(2 bids)