Auction XXIII - Autographs & Memorabilia 2003-12-13 Auction - 736 Price Results - Signature House in CA
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UPLAND, CA, United States
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Auction XXIII - Autographs & Memorabilia

In this selection of some 750 lots, we are featuring an exciting Aviation section honoring the Centennial of the Wright Brothers’ historic flight. With a signed image of the famous flight signed by Orville and a DS by Wilbur, we also have a unique archive of pioneer aviators who vied for the $25,000 Orteig prize won by Lindbergh in 1927 – DsS by Tarascon; Fonck; Chamberlin, Nungesser; with correspondence documenting the famous race. Also a 1931 National Air Races program signed by Amelia Earhart, Ernst Udet, Wiley Post, Pancho Barnes and other aviators; plus desirable collectibles such as Lindbergh and Santos-Dumont medals. From early balloonists to rocket pioneer Robert Goddard, we have an exciting assemblage of aviation history, including early astronauts and cosmonauts. As usual, we offer a wide array of Presidents from Washington to Clinton with rare ALsS by First Ladies Dolly Madison and Anna Harrison, plus a signature by Martha Washington. We offer several Signers and an important war-date letter by Lafayette. You may choose from a wonderful Americana and Civil War collection, a rounded Military and a host of classical and literary autographs from Tchaikovsky to a signed edition of Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin to Lewis Carroll, and artists such as Audubon and Peale plus Disney and comic illustrators. Entertainment features a matched set of Signature Series drawings signed by the late Al Hirschfeld and his Hollywood subjects plus assorted vintage and modern film and music stars. A wide array of sports autographs perfectly completes our current offering. Happy hunting!
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[MAMMOTH TOOTH]: 1. [MAMMOTH TOOTH] An extinct species of the elephant family from the Pleistocene period, woolly mammoths grew curved tusks about 10½ ft long, a shaggy covering of long hair and fine underwool, and
0001: [MAMMOTH TOOTH]Est. $60-$80
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[HOLOCAUST]: "I COULD NOT GO ON ENDURING ALL THIS"2. [HOLOCAUST] World War II letter from a Nazi Concentration Camp inmate. ALS "Loisl" in German, 4pp, 6"x8¼", Buchenwald, Oct 23, 1944. On red imprinted
0002: [HOLOCAUST]Est. $150-$250See Sold Price
CHAIM HERZOG: 3. CHAIM HERZOG (1918-1997). Sixth president of Israel (1983-93) after holding a number of political posts. Herzog began his career as a soldier in the British army in World War II. Boldly penned
0003: CHAIM HERZOGEst. $80-$100Lot Passed
ELIE WIESEL: 4. ELIE WIESEL (b. 1928). Romanian-born author and Nobel laureate whose works address the Holocaust. His first book, Night (1958), describes his experience at Auschwitz. Signed card, 3½"x2", boldly
0004: ELIE WIESELEst. $60-$80Lot Passed
[KING JAMES BIBLE LEAF]: 5. [KING JAMES BIBLE LEAF] An English translation of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek published in 1611 under the auspices of James I of England. Attractive book leaf, 10¼"x15½", 2pp, London, 1611,
0005: [KING JAMES BIBLE LEAF]Est. $80-$150See Sold Price
[POPE LEO X]: MID-EIGHTEENTH CENTURY INDULGENCE6. [POPE LEO X] Giovanni de Medici (1475-1521). During a reign (1513-21) noted for extravagance and the rise of the Reformation Movement in response to the sale of
0006: [POPE LEO X]Est. $300-$700See Sold Price
[OBITUARY]: 7. [OBITUARY] Nineteenth-century manuscript statement announcing the untimely death of young Thompson Abernathy. MsS "N.H.," 1½pp, 7½"x9½", n.p., Aug 1860. On folded letter paper, it is explained
0007: [OBITUARY]Est. $100-$150Lot Passed
WILLIAM BATCHELDER BRADBURY: 8. WILLIAM BATCHELDER BRADBURY (1816-1868). Composer and publisher of musical collections for choirs and schools including the widely known "Jesus Loves Me" and "Just As I Am." ALS "Wm B Bradbury,"
0008: WILLIAM BATCHELDER BRADBURYEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
JOSEPH P. THOMPSON: EGYPTOLOGIST THOMPSON WRITES TO INVENTOR-SCHOLAR9. JOSEPH P. THOMPSON (1819-1879). Longtime Congregationalist pastor of the Broadway Tabernacle in New York; Egyptologist; author and scholar. ALS,
0009: JOSEPH P. THOMPSONEst. $150-$250Lot Passed
LEWIS MORRIS: 10. LEWIS MORRIS (1726-1798). Revolutionary statesman and Signer of the Declaration of Independence active in procuring ammunition and stores. He was given the task of inducing the Indians in the
0010: LEWIS MORRISEst. $3,500-$5,000See Sold Price
ROBERT MORRIS: 11. ROBERT MORRIS (1734-1806). Signer of Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; supervised finances of war, largely on basis of his personal credit;
0011: ROBERT MORRISEst. $400-$800See Sold Price
MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: "THE ENEMY HAD LANDED NEAR PETERSBURG"12. MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE (1757-1834). French military leader on the side of the colonists during the American Revolution, receiving a commission as major general
0012: MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTEEst. $2,000-$5,000See Sold Price
[MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE]: 13. [MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE] Large lithograph by Senefelder, overall 13¼"x17", a quarter-length portrait vignette of "Le Général La Fayette." Large damp stains extend from left and right edges;
0013: [MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE]Est. $100-$150See Sold Price
PATRICK HENRY: 14. PATRICK HENRY (1736-1799). Brilliant patriot orator; a major figure of the American Revolution best known for his words "give me liberty or give me death," which he delivered in 1775. Partly
0014: PATRICK HENRYEst. $1,000-$1,800See Sold Price
JOHN HANCOCK: 15. JOHN HANCOCK (1737-1793). American patriot and statesman; as president of the Continental Congress, he was the first Signer to pen his name on the Declaration of Independence and the most
0015: JOHN HANCOCKEst. $500-$900See Sold Price
[DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE]: 16. [DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE] Very early publication of the Declaration. The Annual Register or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, for the Year 1776, 5¾"x9", J. Dodsley, London,
0016: [DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE]Est. $500-$9,000See Sold Price
[BENJAMIN FRANKLIN]: 17. [BENJAMIN FRANKLIN] (1706-1790). This early American man of letters was a statesman, scientist, inventor, philosopher and wit who was also a Signer of The Declaration of Independence. Large
0017: [BENJAMIN FRANKLIN]Est. $100-$175See Sold Price
[LIVINGSTONS OF NEW YORK]: HARDENBERGH PATENT INDENTURES18. [LIVINGSTONS OF NEW YORK] Two lengthy Indentures for tracts of land in the Catskills encompassing lands originally conveyed by Queen Anne to Johannes Hardenbergh,
0018: [LIVINGSTONS OF NEW YORK]Est. $2,500-$5,000Lot Passed
JOHN JAY: "HAPPY IN LEADING A YOUNG SOLDIER TO GLORY"19. JOHN JAY (1745-1829). Jurist and statesman appointed by Washington the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1789-95). A member of the
0019: JOHN JAYEst. $5,000-$8,000See Sold Price
ROBERT LIVINGSTON: 20. ROBERT LIVINGSTON (1746-1813). Framer of Declaration of Independence; member of Continental Congress; chancellor of NY; first US secretary of foreign affairs (1781-83). He administered the oath
0020: ROBERT LIVINGSTONEst. $400-$700
See Sold Price
JOSHUA BARNEY: 21. JOSHUA BARNEY (1759-1818). Revolutionary War naval officer captured three times by the British. He captured the British frigate General Monk (1782). As a privateer during the War of 1812, the
0021: JOSHUA BARNEYEst. $200-$400
See Sold Price
[BRITISH COLONIAL IMPRINT]: 22. [BRITISH COLONIAL IMPRINT] Fine British Parliament imprint, 4pp, 7½"x12", London, 1771. Printed by Charles Eyre and William Strahan. "An Act for further continuing Two Acts made in the Sixth and
0022: [BRITISH COLONIAL IMPRINT]Est. $150-$300See Sold Price
ELIAS BOUDINOT: AWAITING FINAL ORDERS FOR EVACUATION OF NEW YORK23. ELIAS BOUDINOT (1740-1821). Revolutionary War officer and president of the Continental Congress signing the Treaty of Paris in that capacity, later
0023: ELIAS BOUDINOTEst. $3,500-$6,000See Sold Price
CHARLES CALVERT: 24. CHARLES CALVERT Fifth Lord Baltimore (1699-1751), the Proprietary of the Provinces of Maryland and Lord Baron of Baltimore. DS on vellum, 1p, 14¾"x13", Feb 13, 1729. Land grant of 50 acres
0024: CHARLES CALVERTEst. $250-$500See Sold Price