Antique Toy Collection Absolute Auction 2004-03-06 Auction - 373 Price Results - Homestead Auctions in OH - Page 2
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165: Ives Police Patrol Wagon 1890's230: Pratt & Letchworth Doctor's Cart202: Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer 9" Long
Norton, OH, United States
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Antique Toy Collection Absolute Auction

Super Collection of Cast Iron Toys, Tin Toys, Die Cast Toys, Tractor & Farm Implement Toys, Hillclimber Toys, Cast Iron Stove Collection & Accessories, Salesman Samples, Children’s Household Toys, Boy‘s Wagons, Irish Mails, Pedal Toy & Much More.
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Wyandotte Coupe Two Door c.1933: Wyandotte Coupe Two Door 8 1/4" Long c. 1933 (NM)
0025: Wyandotte Coupe Two Door c.1933Est. $250-$350
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Hubley Touring Auto 1915: Hubley Touring Auto 1915 cast iron chauffeur and rider 9 1/2" long (E-NM)
0026: Hubley Touring Auto 1915Est. $1,200-$1,500Lot Passed
Cast Iron Road Roller: Cast Iron Road Roller (F)
0027: Cast Iron Road RollerEst. $400-$500
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Arcade International Dump Truck: Arcade International Dump Truck 10 1/2" long (RARE)(M Possible Refurbished)
0028: Arcade International Dump TruckEst. $1,800-$2,000
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Hubley Chrystler Airflow: Hubley Chrystler Airflow Cast Iron 4 1/2" Long (G-VG)
0029: Hubley Chrystler AirflowEst. $100-$150Lot Passed
Dent Toonerville Trolley: Dent Toonerville Trolley c1923 (NM)
0030: Dent Toonerville TrolleyEst. $250-$350Lot Passed
Arcade Chevrolet Coupe 1929: Arcade Chevrolet Coupe 1929 8 1/4" long (E)
0031: Arcade Chevrolet Coupe 1929Est. $1,200-$1,400
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Hubley Wrecker c 1940: Hubley Wrecker c 1940 white wheels on large hubs 6" long (VG-E)
0033: Hubley Wrecker c 1940Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Arcade "Ice" Truck circa 1941: Arcade "Ice" Truck circa 1941 No. 1933 6 3/4" long (E-NM)
0034: Arcade "Ice" Truck circa 1941Est. $350-$550
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Arcade Ford Dump Truck 1929: Arcade Ford Dump Truck 1929 7 1/2" long (E-NM)
0035: Arcade Ford Dump Truck 1929Est. $450-$550Lot Passed
Champion Mack Dump: Champion Mack Dump 7" long (VG)
0036: Champion Mack DumpEst. $150-$250
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Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer Truck: Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer Truck 7" long (E)
0037: Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer TruckEst. $900-$1,100Lot Passed
Arcade Mack Stake Truck 1929: Arcade Mack Stake Truck 1929, No. 253, 8 3/4" long (VG-E)
0038: Arcade Mack Stake Truck 1929Est. $1,400-$1,800
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Mack Ice Truck: Mack Ice Truck 7" long (VG-E)
0039: Mack Ice TruckEst. $400-$500Lot Passed
Arcade Ford Wrecker No.217: Arcade Ford Wrecker No.217 7" Long (VG-E)
0040: Arcade Ford Wrecker No.217Est. $350-$550Lot Passed
Arcade Wrecker No. 221: Arcade Wrecker No. 221 5 1/2" Long (F-G)
0041: Arcade Wrecker No. 221Est. $150-$250Lot Passed
Kenton Fairfield Loader (Scarce): Kenton Fairfield Loader (Scarce) Made for only one year, 9" tall (NM Missing Digging Clips)
0042: Kenton Fairfield Loader (Scarce)Est. $1,000-$1,200Lot Passed
Kenton Buckeye Digger: Kenton Buckeye Digger 9" Long (E-NM)
0043: Kenton Buckeye DiggerEst. $900-$1,100
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Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer: Kenton Jaeger Cement Mixer 6 1/2" long with Iron Wheels (E)
0044: Kenton Jaeger Cement MixerEst. $400-$500Lot Passed
Arcade Mack Tank Truck 1925: Arcade Mack Tank Truck 1925 13 1/4" long (NM)
0045: Arcade Mack Tank Truck 1925Est. $2,500-$2,800Lot Passed
Arcade Mack Dump Truck 1925: Arcade Mack Dump Truck 1925 12" Long (VG-E)
0046: Arcade Mack Dump Truck 1925Est. $1,800-$2,500Lot Passed
Kenton Auto Fire Engine: Kenton 6 3/4" Long Cast Iron Auto Fire Engine (F-G)
0047: Kenton Auto Fire EngineEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
A.C. Williams Ford Truck: A.C. Williams Ford Truck 7" Long 1920's (E)
0048: A.C. Williams Ford TruckEst. $500-$600Lot Passed