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Large helmet mask "epa" - Nigeria, YorubaSeated figure "hampatong" - Indonesia - Borneo, DayakCeremonial banner "palepai" - Indonesia - Sumatra,
Würzburg, Germany
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Tribal Art Discovery Auction

Fine old tribal art from Africa, Oceania, Asia and the pre-Colombian period. More than 700 objects (african art, oceanic art, asian art and pre-colombian art) from European estates with 50% reductions and more
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Map L'AFRICA - Maps, Maps: Guglielmo Sansone (1634-1703), copper engraving, handcoloured, illustration of the African continent, Paris, 1677, engraved by G. de Rossi, Rome, passepartout, glazed and framed, very good
0001: Map L'AFRICA - Maps, MapsEst. €800-€4,000Lot Passed
Three maps of Africa - Maps, Maps: Matthäus Seutter (1678-1757), AFRICA, copper engraving, handcoloured, published by Tobias Lotter, Augsburg, ca. 1740, 22 cm x 28 cm (8.6 x 11 in); Johann C.G. Schreibern (1676-1750), AFRICA, copper
0002: Three maps of Africa - Maps, MapsEst. €500-€2,500Lot Passed
AFRICA, allegory - Maps, Maps: Johann Christian Leopold (1699-1755), mezzotint engraving, framed with glass and passepartout, 20 cm x 30 cm (7.9 x 11.8 in), in very good condition34,5 cm x 45 cmProvenance:Ralf Schulte-Bahrenberg,
0003: AFRICA, allegory - Maps, MapsEst. €50-€250Lot Passed
Rice deity "bulul" - Philippines - Ifugao: wood, black encrusted patina, loincloth, large ears with drilled holes for ornament, min. dam., cracks, small missing parts, slight signs of abrasion;the "bulul" rice gods should guarantee a good
0005: Rice deity "bulul" - Philippines - IfugaoEst. €1,000-€1,800Lot Passed
Ikat - Indonesia: cotton, two cloth width, four narrow stripes with red ground in change with three broad stripes in blue colour, each decorated with stilized animals, fringes on either end, faded colours on one
0008: Ikat - IndonesiaEst. €180-€260Lot Passed
Ikat - Indonesia: cotton, two cloth width, dark blue fond, ornamental and figural motifs in beige and white, fringes on either end, faded colours in some areasM: 220 cm x 100 cmProvenance:English Private
0009: Ikat - IndonesiaEst. €180-€260Lot Passed
Round dish - Indonesia: wood, matt black patina, flat, circle ornament with mother of pearl inlay in the centre, min. dam., crackD: 40,5 cmProvenance:English Private CollectionLit.: Barnes, Ruth, Ostindonesien im 20.
0010: Round dish - IndonesiaEst. €150-€250Lot Passed
Seated figure "hampatong" - Indonesia - Borneo, Dayak: wood (presumably iron wood), stained greyish brown patina, stocky broad body, the flat backside remained crude, missing parts through insect caused damage (headdress, belly, forearms, legs, the post
0012: Seated figure "hampatong" - Indonesia - Borneo, DayakEst. €1,500-€6,000
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Ornament - Indonesia - Borneo, Dayak: wood, black paint, red and white pigment, of round form, slightly vaulted, carved in bas-relief with radial arranged jagged pattern, animal tail in the centre, two coins attached ("Nederlandsch Indie
0013: Ornament - Indonesia - Borneo, DayakEst. €400-€800
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Clapper - Indonesia - Nias: wood, matt blackish brown patina, habile trapezoid handle, carved with a half-spherical flat tool, slightly dam., minor missing parts;might have served for the making of bark cloth "tapa", but might
0018: Clapper - Indonesia - NiasEst. €200-€800
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Ceremonial banner "palepai" - Indonesia - Sumatra,: cotton, silk, beige coloured fond, richly embroidered, the yarns coloured reddish brown with "menkudu"- root ("morinda citrifolia"), yellow with turmeric ("curcuma domestica") and blue with indigo
0019: Ceremonial banner "palepai" - Indonesia - Sumatra,Est. €1,500-€8,000
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Curtain of a temple - South-East-Asia: cotton, applications with velvet-like fabric, sequins and glass stones, two scenic descriptions with numerous figures, the contours formed by gold threads, dam., cloth decayed in some areas, missing
0022: Curtain of a temple - South-East-AsiaEst. €400-€2,000Lot Passed
Architectural support - Thailand: wood, polychrome painted, depiction of a "mixed creature": rooster and dragon, slightly dam.M: 81 cm x 7 cm x 23,5 cmContinent: Asia
0023: Architectural support - ThailandEst. €20-€30Lot Passed