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DoneOct 22, 2014 3:20 AM EDT
Las Vegas, NV, United States
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HUGE All Day Art Auction

We specialize in bringing beautiful, classic and contemporary & old master works of art to you for your appreciate and potential ownership We deal with original works of art, hand- signed limited editions, reproductions, unique fine jewelry from around the world, including traditional and contemporary wedding bands and engagement jewelry, exquisite bronze, Grade A Jadeite, also known as Jadeiteite, diamond jewelry and statuary, sculptures, fossils, minerals, coins, hand-blown glass art to that interesting piece you just want to add to your collection. We have recently started offering contemporary furniture and home décor with landscaping accents.
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DYLAN O'CONNOR - SALSA: Dylan O'connor - Salsa - 12 X 18 In. - Giclée Print - Gallery Stretched - Ready to hang.
0001B: DYLAN O'CONNOR - SALSAEst. $150-$225See Sold Price
Passing Through by Jim Hansel: Passing Through by Jim Hansel - Edition Size: 480 - Giclee on Canvas - Signed & Numbered Dimensions: 12 x 24 Release Date: 11-2009 ……….Jim Hansel is a very talented artist who has achieved
0001E: Passing Through by Jim HanselEst. $450-$570See Sold Price
BONE SINGLE HORSE: Bone Single Horse - Size: Long 2", Deep 1", High 2". - Bone Horse, Comes With A Wooden Base. Very Detailed Carving.
0001J: BONE SINGLE HORSEEst. $45-$60See Sold Price
NATURAL GREEN JADEITE RING: Metal: Yellow Gold Karat: 14k Dia. Wt.: 0.04 Ct Stone Size: 10x14mm This Item Is Guaranteed Grade A JADEITE
0001K: NATURAL GREEN JADEITE RINGEst. $2,560-$3,840See Sold Price
DEAN MORRISSEY - THE MAGIC DOOR: Dean Morrissey - The Magic Door - Hand Signed - Limited Edition Print - Image Size: 31"w X 14 1/4"h. Limited Edition Of: 950 - Perched On The Harbor In Old Bridgeport Village Is "the Magic Door," A
0001W: DEAN MORRISSEY - THE MAGIC DOOREst. $225-$300See Sold Price
Distant Thunder by Ragan Gennusa: Distant Thunder by Ragan Gennusa - Edition Size: 250 - Canvas - Signed & Numbered Dimensions: 20 x 30 Release Date: 8-2006 ……….Ragan Gennusa grew up in East Texas enjoying the outdoors and
0006E: Distant Thunder by Ragan GennusaEst. $790-$990See Sold Price
GENUINE ONYX RING: GENUINE ONYX RING - 14Ky_14Kw / 08.00X08.00 Mm / P / Two Tone Genuine Onyx Ring - Weight: 3.744DWT - GramWeight: 5.82 - Ring Size: 6 - We Have Other Sizes
0006S: GENUINE ONYX RINGEst. $1,325-$1,590See Sold Price
GEORGE SEURAT - THE CIRCUS: George Seurat - The Circus - 5 1/4 X 16 In. - Giclée Print - Gallery Stretched - Ready to hang.
0009B: GEORGE SEURAT - THE CIRCUSEst. $150-$225See Sold Price
JOHN BUXTON - WARNING WHOOP: John Buxton - Warning Whoop - Hand Signed - Canvas - Edition Image Size: 14"w X 11"h. Limited Edition Of: 75 - Advancing Single File To Hide Signs Of Their Numbers Was The Native American Way. This
0015W: JOHN BUXTON - WARNING WHOOPEst. $215-$285See Sold Price
Gol-durn Trouble by G. Harvey: Gol-durn Trouble by G. Harvey - Edition Size: 50 - Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof Dimensions: 30 x 40 Release Date: 6-2012 ……….G.Harvey and his images have influenced a worldwide enthusiasm
0016E: Gol-durn Trouble by G. HarveyEst. $4,000-$5,000See Sold Price
HALO-STYLED DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE: HALO-STYLED DIAMOND HEART NECKLACE - 14K White / Necklace / Complete With Stone / None / Round / Various / Diamond / Polished / 18 Inch 3/8 Ctw Dia Heart Nck - Weight: 0.87DWT - GramWeight: 1.35
0016S: HALO-STYLED DIAMOND HEART NECKLACEEst. $1,700-$2,040See Sold Price
RETROTRANS - PLANET TANK: Retrotrans - Planet Tank - 16 X 8 In. - Giclée Print - Gallery Stretched - Ready to hang.
0017B: RETROTRANS - PLANET TANKEst. $150-$225See Sold Price
TIBETAN MONK WITH RAG DUNG: Tibetan Monk With Rag-dung - Material - Porcelain - Size - (h) 4 3/4
0017U: TIBETAN MONK WITH RAG DUNGEst. $55-$90See Sold Price
Eternal Bear Spirit by Phillip Philbeck: Eternal Bear Spirit by Phillip Philbeck - Edition Size: 25 - Giclee on Canvas - Artist Proof Dimensions: 24 x 48 Release Date: 5-2011 ……….North Carolina is the home of renowned landscape
0021E: Eternal Bear Spirit by Phillip PhilbeckEst. $1,200-$1,500See Sold Price
NATURAL YELLOW JADEITE PENDANT: Metal: Yellow Gold Karat: 14k Stone Size: 14x15+mm This Item Is Guaranteed Grade A JADEITE
0021K: NATURAL YELLOW JADEITE PENDANTEst. $700-$1,050See Sold Price
INSIDE/OUTSIDE HOOP EARRINGS: INSIDE/OUTSIDE HOOP EARRINGS - 14K White / Earring / Complete With Stone / 1 / Diamond / Polished / Inside-Outside Hoop Earrings - Weight: 3.38DWT - GramWeight: 5.26
0021S: INSIDE/OUTSIDE HOOP EARRINGSEst. $3,850-$4,620See Sold Price
JUNE CAREY - PACHECO PASS: June Carey - Pacheco Pass - Hand Signed - Limited Edition Canvas - Image Size: 32"w X 24"h. Limited Edition Of: 250 - “i Used To Get In Trouble For Trespassing Here,” Says Artist June Carey, Who
0022W: JUNE CAREY - PACHECO PASSEst. $890-$1,200See Sold Price