The Russell Estate Part II 2004-03-25 Auction - 207 Price Results - Fisher's Auction Services, Inc. in FL
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667: Quandry of Los Gatos" print515: Bald-headed man bank.518: Pair of spongeware shakers.
Edgewater, FL, United States
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The Russell Estate Part II

The Margaret Russell Estate plus other consignors to include: 6 Highwaymen Paintings, 9 Miniature Handpainted Portraits on Ivory, Old Canning Jars and other Old Jars, Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine, Costume Jewelry, Porcelain, Spongeware, Bennington Pottery, Plus Much More!
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Box of sea creatures: Box of sea creatures
0501: Box of sea creaturesEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Box of sea creatures: Box of sea creatures
0502: Box of sea creaturesEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Box of sea creatures: Box of sea creatures
0503: Box of sea creaturesEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Box of sea creatures: Box of sea creatures
0504: Box of sea creaturesEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Box of driftwood.: Box of driftwood
0505: Box of driftwood.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Amber glass frog: Amber glass frog, unmarked, no damage, 5" x 2-3/4"
0506: Amber glass frogEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Box of seashells.: Box of seashells
0507: Box of seashells.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
4 Kitchen gadgets: 4 Kitchen gadgets.
0508: 4 Kitchen gadgetsEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Ivory handle shoe hook.: Ivory handle shoe hook
0509: Ivory handle shoe hook.Est. $5-$10,000
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Pair of Dexter Pottery vases.: Pair of Dexter Pottery Vases, circa 1930 1 has chip on rim, 5-1/4" tall
0510: Pair of Dexter Pottery vases.Est. $5-$10,000
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2 Colonial Williamsburg Stieff Pewter tu: Stieff pewter tumblers 3" tall w/ boxes
0511: 2 Colonial Williamsburg Stieff Pewter tuEst. $5-$10,000
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Oval wood framed mirror.: Oval walnut wood framed mirror, 17"x15"
0512: Oval wood framed mirror.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Gold tone oval beveled mirror.: Gold tone oval beveled mirror, 31-1/2" x 26", plaster frame, 1 chip
0513: Gold tone oval beveled mirror.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
WWII silk map of Europe.: WWII silk map of Europe, compass & saw, original pouch. Used by flight crews in case they were shot down, 29" x 27-1/4", 2 sided.
0514: WWII silk map of Europe.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Bald-headed man bank.: Bald-headed man bank, good condition, 3-1/4" tall, 2 cents frowning, 10 cents grinning, 20 cents big smile.
0515: Bald-headed man bank.Est. $5-$10,000
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Crock vase.: Crock vase, unsure of maker, mottled brown, 8" x 3-1/2",. no damage.
0516: Crock vase.Est. $5-$10,000
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Box misc animal figurines.: Box of misc animal figurines
0517: Box misc animal figurines.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Pair of spongeware shakers.: Pair of spongeware shakers, 4-3/4" tall, no damage
0518: Pair of spongeware shakers.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Pair of spongeware bowls.: Pair of spongeware bowls, 4-1/4" x 2", bottom chipped on 1.
0519: Pair of spongeware bowls.Est. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Bennington? bowl: Very old Bennington? bowl, 6" x 3-1/4", 2 hairline cracks
0520: Bennington? bowlEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Bennington? bowl: Bennington? bowl, 5-1/4" x 2-1/2", no damage
0521: Bennington? bowlEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Bennington cuspidor: Bennington cuspidor, shell motif, mottled brown, 8" x 3-1/2", damaged
0522: Bennington cuspidorEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Bennington? pitcher: Bennington? pitcher, very old, 7" tall, several chips.
0523: Bennington? pitcherEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed
Greensboro PA crock: Greensboro, PA crock, cobalt lettering, "William N. Reppart, Greensboro, PA, 10 x 6, 3 very small chips on base.
0524: Greensboro PA crockEst. $5-$10,000Lot Passed