Autographs-Coins-Currency-Americana 2004-04-18 Auction - 1456 Price Results - Early American History Auctions in VA
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Lot 566:Red Jacket w/ Washington Peace MedalLot 250:George Washington Signed Letter 1799Lot 124: 3x Signed Thomas Jefferson Document
Winchester, VA, United States
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This auction has a wide variety of material in 64 different categories including Autographs, Coins, Currency, Americana & Maps with over $1,000,000 in total value. The following are highlights: AUTOGRAPHS: Manuscript Letter in which John Adams writes to Commodore William Bainbridge about a naval accident (Est. $10,000-$15,000); Autograph Letter signed by Lewis Addison Armistead, the Confederate General killed at Gettysburg (Est. $20,000-$40,000); 1816 Manuscript Song Book that contains the Star-Spangled Banner (Est. $8,000-$16,000); Autograph Letter Signed by Lord Stirling discussing the importance of taking Havana (Est. $6,000-$8,000); Autograph Letter Signed by George Washington, writing to his fellow Virginian officers about establishing a peacetime military in the year before his death (Est. $28,00-$36,000). DOCUMENTS: 1776 Archive of six letters relating to the British Occupation of Boston (Est. $6,000-$8,000). WASHINGTON-RELATED: Magnificent December 1799 black-bordered, mourning edition of the New Jersey Journal newspaper announcing the Death of George Washington (Est. $5,500-$7,500). LINCOLN-RELATED: 1860 Ambrotype of Abraham Lincoln by George Clark, considered to be the Holy Grail of Lincoln Campaign Badges (Est. $8,000-$10,000). PAINTINGS: Original Civil War-era watercolor painting: of “...THE KEARSARGE & THE ALABAMA (Est. $12,000-$16,000). COLONIAL CURRENCY: Extraordinary December 10, 1781 (hand-written date) Massachusetts Treasurer’s Certificate for $16 in “Spanish Milled Dollars (Est. $7,500-8,500). COLONIAL COINS: Large Planchet Pine Tree Shilling Noe 1, PCGS Graded About Uncirculated-55 (Est. $10,000-$12,000). MEDALS: Two 1906 Gold Medals Commemorating the Visit of Secretary of State Elihu Root to Brazil and Peru (Est. $8,000-$12,000). U.S. COINS: Impressive 1803 Turban Head $10 Gold Eagle in Extremely Fine-45 (Est. $8,000-$10,000). FOSSILS AND RELATED: Museum-quality 20" Psittacosaurus Skeleton, nearly complete, in a natural stone base (Est. $10,000-$20,000).
Lot Number: Lowest
Abagail Adams Signed Document 1765: ABIGAIL ADAMS. Autograph Document Signed, “Abigail Adams” as part of the text, May 23, 1765, Braintree, MA, 2” x 7.5”, Very Fine, scattered toning and with some mounting
0001: Abagail Adams Signed Document 1765Est. $2,000-$3,000See Sold Price
John Adams Signed Document 1817: John Adams Writes Commodore William Bainbridge About A Naval Accident JOHN ADAMS. Manuscript Letter Signed, “John Adams” on a piece of fine, laid paper, August 24, 1817, Quincy, MA,
0002: John Adams Signed Document 1817Est. $10,000-$15,000See Sold Price
Czar Alexander II Assassination: (ALEXANDER II), Czar of Russia. c. 1888, a tiny piece of wood taken from the carriage destroyed in the assassination of Czar Alexander II on March 1, 1881, Very Fine. Attached to a small card
0003: Czar Alexander II AssassinationEst. $250-$500See Sold Price
RARE 1798 Naval Oath of Allegiance: Exceedingly Rare and Important 1798 Naval Oath of Allegiance (AMERICAN NAVY). Partially Printed Oath of Allegiance, July 6, 1798, Newcastle County, DE, 7” x 8.5”, Very Choice Extremely
0004: RARE 1798 Naval Oath of AllegianceEst. $4,000-$6,000See Sold Price
1794 Jeffrey Amherst Letter Signed: "Jeffrey Amherst Letter Signed JEFFREY AMHERST, Commander in Chief of North America; Governor General of British North America. Letter Signed “Amherst” as Commander in Chief of the
0005: 1794 Jeffrey Amherst Letter SignedEst. $950-$1,250See Sold Price
John Jacob Astor Signed Letter 1796: America's First Multimillionaire John Jacob Astor JOHN JACOB ASTOR, Fur trader and financier; once the richest man in America. Autograph Letter Signed, 1p., quarto (8” by 10”), New York,
0007: John Jacob Astor Signed Letter 1796Est. $1,200-$1,600See Sold Price
John Jacob Astor Signed Check 1804: John Jacob Astor Draws $2,000 in 1804! JOHN JACOB ASTOR. Check Endorsed, “John Jacob Astor” on the back of a check drawn on the Office of Discount and Deposit, April 23, 1804, Baltimore,
0008: John Jacob Astor Signed Check 1804Est. $1,200-$1,800See Sold Price
Astronaut Alan Bean Signed Stamps: (ASTRONAUTS), ALAN BEAN. Unused block of Postage Stamps Signed, “Alan Bean”, on four 10¢ “FIRST MAN ON THE MOON” stamps, Gem Mint. Full color postage stamps depicting Neil
0009: Astronaut Alan Bean Signed StampsEst. $125-$200See Sold Price
Astronaut Alan Bean Signed Stamps: (ASTRONAUTS), ALAN BEAN. Commemorative “Skylab” U.S. Postage Stamps Signed Twice, “Alan Bean,” along the right-edge selvage of a sheet of 50 stamps, Gem Mint. An unusual find!
0010: Astronaut Alan Bean Signed StampsEst. $300-$400See Sold Price
Astronaut Christa McAuliffe Signed: Teacher Who Died on the Space Shuttle “Challenger” (ASTRONAUTS), CHRISTA McAULIFFE, Teacher Who Died on the Space Shuttle “Challenger.” Newspaper Photo Inscribed and
0012: Astronaut Christa McAuliffe SignedEst. $1,200-$1,600See Sold Price
A-Bomb Co-Pilot Signed Document: Co-Pilot Who Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki (ATOMIC BOMB), Fred J. Olivi, Co-Pilot on the B-29 “Bockscar.” Document Signed, “Fred J. Olivi” on a Limited Edition (6 of 12)
0013: A-Bomb Co-Pilot Signed DocumentEst. $300-$400See Sold Price
A-Bomb Pilot Signed Document: Pilot of the Plane That Escorted the Enola Gay over Hiroshima (ATOMIC BOMB), Charles Sweeney. Document Signed, “Charles Sweeney” on the bottom of a Presentation piece (5 of 12) from the
0014: A-Bomb Pilot Signed DocumentEst. $250-$450See Sold Price
Enola Gay Crew Signed Photo: The Crew of the “Enola Gay” (ATOMIC BOMB), Paul Tibbets and other Crew Member of the “Enola Gay,” The Men Who Dropped The First Atomic Bomb. Reproduction Photograph Signed by
0015: Enola Gay Crew Signed PhotoEst. $600-$900See Sold Price
1900s Autograph Almum (120 pages): Fabulous Turn-Of-The-Century Autograph Album (AUTOGRAPH ALBUM). A wonderful 120 page autograph album chock-full of signatures of the famous and not-so-famous from the early 1900s. 8” x
0016: 1900s Autograph Almum (120 pages)Est. $2,500-$3,500See Sold Price
P.T. Barnum Signature: PHINEAS T. BARNUM, American Showman. Clipped Signature, “P.T. Barnum” on a small slip of ruled paper, with inscription, no date, no place, 1.25” x 2.25”, Fine. Mounted to a
0018: P.T. Barnum SignatureEst. $75-$125
See Sold Price
P.T. Barnum Autobiography. c.1891: “Life of P.T. Barnum, Written by Himself” (PHINEAS T. BARNUM). P.T. Barnum’s Autobiography: “Life of P.T. Barnum, Written by Himself,” unsigned, published by The Royal
0019: P.T. Barnum Autobiography. c.1891Est. $375-$575See Sold Price
Rajah and Ranee of Sarawak Signed: C.V. BROOKE, Rajah of Sarawak, & SYLVIA, Ranee of Sarawak. Signatures, Borneo, November 26, 1931. Each signature is on heavy tan-mottled paper, 8.75” x 7”. Rajah’s shows traces of
0020: Rajah and Ranee of Sarawak SignedEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
William Cullen Bryant Signed CDV: “William Cullen Bryant” Signed & Dated CDV WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT, American Poet. Signed CDV photograph, “William Cullen Bryant / May 24th 1865,” at bottom of sepia-toned
0021: William Cullen Bryant Signed CDVEst. $1,000-$1,400See Sold Price
William A. Buckingham Signed Letter: An 1861 Railroad Pass for a Recruiting Sergeant WILLIAM A. BUCKINGHAM, Civil War Governor of Connecticut and close Lincoln ally. War-Dated Autograph Letter Signed, as Governor, 1 page, State of
0022: William A. Buckingham Signed LetterEst. $150-$250See Sold Price
Lot 23:William Jennings Bryan Letter Signed: Political & NumismaticWilliam Jennings Bryan Letter WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN, Three-time Democratic Candidate for President. Typed Letter Signed, “ W.J. Bryan” on personal stationery,
0023: Lot 23:William Jennings Bryan Letter SignedEst. $2,500-$3,000See Sold Price
Luther Burbank Signed Photo 1922: Wonderful Inscribed “Luther Burbank” Photo LUTHER BURBANK, World Famous American Horticulturist. Black & White Photograph Signed and Inscribed, “To Prof. Virgil Y. Russell / from
0024: Luther Burbank Signed Photo 1922Est. $250-$350See Sold Price
William Burnet Signed Document 1724: Colonial Royal Governor of New York WILLIAM BURNET, Royal Governor of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Document Signed, as Governor of New York, 1 page, octavo (6 1/2” by
0025: William Burnet Signed Document 1724Est. $1,200-$1,800See Sold Price