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Rookwood Black Iris vase, swallows, ivy, KS, 14 3/4”
Rookwood Limoges vase, birds in tree, ARV, 1882, 13Rookwood 6 mugs, pitcher, cranes, Schmidt, ‘02
Cincinnati, OH, United States
DoneJun 7, 2015 2:00 PM UTC

Rookwood XXV

Featuring over 500 fine examples including works by Kataro Shirayamadani, Sara Sax, Carl Schmidt, William Hentschel, Grace Young, Jens Jensen, Lorinda Epply, Sallie Coyne, Bruce Horsfall, E. T. Hurley, Lenore Asbury, Ed Diers, Albert and Anna Valentien and C.S. Todd. Glaze lines include, Iris, Carved Mats, Standard, Decorated Mat, Silver overlays, scenics, Cincinnati Art Pottery, Vellum, Black Opal, Aventurine and Limoges. Among the fine offerings are pieces from the Jim Fleming Collection including many rare animals and bookends