Antiques, Fine Arts, Collectibles, & Ephemera 2016-07-12 Auction - 496 Price Results - Hudson Valley Antiques- Horsefeathers in NY
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2 Mummy figures: 2 Mummy figures. Chip/hiarline crack. 3 /12 inches x 1 inch.
0001: 2 Mummy figuresEst. $40-$80Lot Passed
Royal Vienna tea set: c.1905 Royal Vienna, R.S. Prussia pink floral tea set. Largest measures 5 1/2 inches x 7 inches.
0003: Royal Vienna tea setEst. $40-$80
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Bohemian glass vase: Turn of the century Bohemian glass vase. Few scratches. 10 inches x 6 inches.
0005: Bohemian glass vaseEst. $60-$120Lot Passed
French apothecary jar: 19th century French apothecary jar. Some wear to paint. 10 inches x 6 inches.
0006: French apothecary jarEst. $60-$120
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2 soapstone figures: 2 soapstone figures. Largest measures
0007: 2 soapstone figuresEst. $80-$160Lot Passed
1970's Central African beaded doll: 1970's Central African beaded doll. 15 inches x 5 inches.
0008: 1970's Central African beaded dollEst. $40-$80
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Large metal Buddha head: Large metal Buddha head.
0010: Large metal Buddha headEst. $50-$100Lot Passed
Pair of Oriental vases: Pair of Oriental vases. Chip. 10 1/2 inches high x 4 1/2 inches wide.
0012: Pair of Oriental vasesEst. $60-$120Lot Passed
2 late 19th ink well desk sets: 2 late 19th ink well desk sets. 3 1/2 inches high x 12 inches wide & 4 inches high x 6 1/2 inches wide.
0018: 2 late 19th ink well desk setsEst. $60-$120
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1950's ceramic clown reamer: 1950's ceramic clown reamer made in Japan. 8 inches high x 6 inches wide.
0021: 1950's ceramic clown reamerEst. $40-$80Lot Passed
Pair of late 19th c. vases: Pair of late 19th c. vases. Wear; spot painted over. 7 inches high.
0022: Pair of late 19th c. vasesEst. $40-$80Lot Passed
Small Buddha head on wood stand: Small stone Buddha head on wood stand. 4 1/2 inches high including stand.
0023: Small Buddha head on wood standEst. $60-$120
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Dyed alabaster lamp.: Dyed alabaster lamp. Used condition, chip on rim; repair. 8 1/2 inches high x 6 inches wide.
0024: Dyed alabaster lamp.Est. $40-$80Lot Passed