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Gustav Zorn (1845-1893), Southern Landscapes, 2
Reinier Zeeman, Circle of, View of Antwerp, 17th C.Coastal View with Sheep, Oil, UK, 1st H. of 20th
Berlin, Germany
DoneAug 26, 2016 4:00 PM UTC

Back to Nature: Art of the 17th-20th C.

This summer auction includes originals and graphic works by artists from the 17th to 20th century, that celebrate the beauty of nature. Among the early works from the 17th century is the Capriccio of an Antwerp coastal view from the circle of Reinier Zeeman. A 19th century diptych in oil by Gustav Zorn, a lover of Italy, overflows with Mediterranean flair; the fine composition with its skillful rendered coastline perspective is a delight to behold. An additional noteworthy highlight from the early 20th century is an expressionist rooftop view by Czech-American artist Frederick Serger.