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Swan station computer

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Swan station computer. This configuration is an Apple-II Plus system running an Apple-III monitor, with a Disk II floppy drive, each featuring DHARMA logo. This prop computer was used at the Swan station and by Desmond, Locke and other cast members to enter "The Numbers" every 108 minutes. It is the destruction of the Swan station computer that prevented "The Numbers" from being entered, leading Desmond to trigger the fail safe mechanism, causing the Swan station to implode. (Of trivial interest is a 1980s film, entitled "The Self," employed in some psychology classes today, which features an Apple-III computer monitor that is used to test the effect of positive personalities. Incidentally, the numbers 4, 8, 16, and 23 appear frequently in these tests.) The monitor currently exhibits the DHARMA Tempest station logo, indicating its subsequent use in the Season Four episode, "The Other Woman."

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