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43: A Statuette of the God Amon

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Egypt, Late Period, 664-332 BC. This is a lovely and detailed bronze statuette of Amun, king of the gods, depicted sitting (no doubt on his throne) with his arms on his legs. Originally his left hand probably held a sceptre. He has the traditional beard of divinity and wears a shendit (short skirt), a collar, a decoration on his arms and ankles, and his typical crown with two tall feathers and a sun disc, illustrating Amun's origin as god of the air and his link to the sun god, which can also be seen in the frequent appellation Amun-Re. Details like the collar and arm bands, as well as the feathers of his crown, are rendered beautifully. A highly desirable statuette of one of the most important gods of the Egyptian pantheon. Height ca. 17 cm, excluding base.

Provenance: Collection Jürg Marquard, Herrliberg, Switzerland. Literature: Georg Steindorff, Catalogue of the Egyptian Sculpture in the Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore MD, 1947 - copyright 1946), nr. 472; Günther Roeder, Ägyptische Bronzefiguren, Mitteilungen aus der ägyptischen Sammlung, 6 (Berlin, 1956), 35.

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Intact, with a lovely patina.

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