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10: Atlantis Gate Room Stargate Segment

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Segment of the hero Atlantis Gate Room Stargate, featured in nearly every episode of Stargate Atlantis. This segment features a chevron at the top, and is capped with panels on each end to create an attractive display piece. Unlike the SG-1 gate, the Atlantis Stargate was not a complete ring, and made of a much more durable material. The evolved "digital" nature of this Stargate precluded the need for a spinning inner track.
Technical Description:
Production-made Stargate segment with Chevron and three constellation symbols, the segment is built upon a metal frame, the sides of the Stargate are vacuum-formed plastic, the top and bottom edges are molded rubber, the Gate is painted silver and black with metallic blue and purple highlights. The frame of the Chevron is plastic, the Chevron lenses are sheet plastic, the front lens is clear and backed with blue diffusion paper, the back lens is painted blue and black, under each lens is a molded frosted plastic V with painted black stripes, on each side of the top of the Chevron is a vacuum-formed plastic wing. On the front of the Gate are three blue and black plastic panels with clear unpainted holes showing constellation symbols left clear for backlighting. The front Chevron, V, and three constellation panels light up when the prop is plugged in, functionality is verified. Production has added a .75in thick sheet of black plywood on each end to cap the ends and provide legs for display. Measures approx. 71.25in x 19in x 38.5in.

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