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Greenbrae, CA

Jul 31, 2022
Oriental Ceramic Lamp

Jupiter, FL

Jul 06, 2022
Here's what occurred, you decide.
I bid on a painting and won it for $100.00. The bill showed up on Live and also my OWING the bill. I called the auction house 3 times to arrange pick up w no response. THEN I get an email saying I did not win the painting! HUH? They claimed another online bidder won! And yet I still show as the winner and the invoice is still pending. Now I get an email saying if I want the painting I can get it for $200. But I won it for $100 I retorted! No, sorry we need $200. So I said NOPE! You tell me!? Does it sound like an honest transaction to you? I have alerted Live Auctioneers and hope by posting this review it helps other bidders.
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Auctions By DaumJul 08, 2022
Auctions on Live auctioneers are not absolute There are set reserves The consignor would not accept your bid it was to low. the painting is valued at $1, 300. Our Staff explained it did not reach the reserve we made an effort with the owner to reduce the painting down and got a low price for you at $200. you refused the offer. We will Remove you name from our Bidders list. we prefer not to do business with you. Jerry Daum
Beach Boats Coast Impressionist Art w/ Sign

Lubbock, TX

May 22, 2022
Cooking Cool & Wood  Ranges Steel Early 1900s

West Bloomfield, MI

Apr 03, 2022
Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Square Butterfly Marcasite Ring-8

Longwood, FL

Jan 12, 2022
Outstanding seller
Great item and packaging and arrived super fast
2 Candle holders Sterling Columbia Weighted

Fort Pierce, FL

Dec 26, 2021
Perfect deal
Tiffany & Co. Cross 18K 750 Sterling Silver 925 Pendant

Lynchburg, TN

Dec 18, 2021
Bad experience
Paid for our auction items very quickly, only part arrived and one auction lot was titled Lladro and it was not Lladro, still waiting on the last lot we purchased. Many e-mail sent and response was slower than a turtle. WILL NOT deal with again, Buyer beware
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Auctions By DaumMar 14, 2022
you where going to pick up. Shipper mix-up Sorry will give 25 % off next auction please call before.
Norman Rockwell's "FALL-Fondly Do We Remember' from

Morristown, NJ

Dec 06, 2021
Great Lot!
Better than expected and exactly what I’ve been searching for. Shipping handled promptly and professionally as well!
5pcs of Collectible Barbie Doll's with Clothings

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 24, 2021
Romantic Couple Porcelain  Figurine w/ Mark

Stuart, FL

Sep 17, 2021
Great deals good service nice experience.
Great job
425 Netgrams Ballistic Roll

Hinsdale, IL

Jul 30, 2021
Great Company
The description was accurate, payment was simple and the recommended shipper did an expert packing job.

Cudjoe Key, FL

Jun 19, 2021
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Auctions By DaumNov 03, 2021
No reason for one star gave good service
4  Silver Trinket boxes

Tallahassee, FL

Apr 22, 2021
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Auctions By DaumMay 19, 2021
Thank you for the five stars
(6)Antique Flint Glass Water Goblets

Carlsbad, CA

Apr 17, 2021
Problem with payment link but promptly resolved
Everything went smoothly except the link to pay the invoice I received. I made a phone call and gave my credit card and the issue was resolved.... no problem! Fast shipping!!
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Auctions By DaumMay 19, 2021
We appreciate your feedback and a five stars
Libra Antique Scale Radio

Campbell, California

Mar 20, 2021
Do not do business with Daum.
I would feel terrible if anyone else had the experience that both my shipper and myself had. Therefore, flag up the flagpole, people. Buyer beware. After disappearing, after my letting it be known I was contacting BIDDER SUPPORT, someone resurfaced and claimed an alternative reality, on this platform’s, messaging service. The person even suggested I try again, with another shipper, as if they had been around on the first try. The shipping company and myself, could not get in contact with these people. We called and called, endlessly. I felt terrible for the shipping people (who work with Auction Houses all the time and transport between Fla and Ca) and they felt terrible for me. They refunded my shipping cost. But they should be paid for their time! Try again? Nope.
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Auctions By DaumNov 03, 2021
Buyer did not pay for shipping. when He finely arranged shipping months later (we did not charge him storage for his item his shipping company showed up with no announcement are shipping Manger Robert shipping company never gave pime to pick up our instructions is to give 24hrs before pick up.
Pair of Metal side Bevel Double Glass tables

New York, New York

Mar 15, 2021
Impossible to speak with someone
I wrote multiple emails and called many times only to have no response or a voicemail that said mailbox was full. It was my first time buying an item from an auction. The shipping process a bit unclear but don’t even bother to call to speak with someone for clarification be use you will get no where. Worse, the item I won was $100 after buyer premium, the cheapest shipping option cost me $79. I learned a big lesson and will never use this website or purchase anything via auction online.
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Auctions By DaumNov 03, 2021
Office and warehouse workers spike in Covid cases pandemic we have one case and one wanted to work. we are over 25 years in business we are slowly coming back but we will be back...
Villeroy & Boch 1748 From Germany

Vancouver, WA

Mar 15, 2021
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Auctions By DaumMay 19, 2021
We really do appreciates your fives stars...
Oriental Pottery Handmade

Fayetteville, NC

Feb 22, 2021
Excellent Service
Excellent Service
"The Life of Woodrow Wilson" By Josephus Daniels 1924

The Villages, FL

Feb 13, 2021
Won The Radio. Paid same day. Paid shipping the next day and never received my radio. Left Phone messages but never Returned. Contacted LiveAuction and was told my radio was on the way. A week later a Radio arrived but Not My Radio. He Switched Radios. 1/4 of the Value do the Conditions issues. There is a BEER Label on a Whiskey Bottle. Weeks later I finally got a response and he said he has 3 WITNESSES say they Packed the correct Radio. In other words, I SWITCHED THE RADIOS MYSELF. In other words, I was trying to pull a fast one on THEM. This was my response to his email. What are you trying to say? I sent you a picture of the radio you sent to me and you can see it is NOT the radio you put up for auction. END OF STORY!!!! You DID NOT SEND ME the radio that was in your auction! I could care less what your WITNESSES SAY!!! I bided on one Radio and you sent me another. AS FOR RETURNING IT At My Expense and you will send me $30 dollars back. Have YOU LOST YOUR MIND???? I would be out shipping Both ways $80 dollars. So I spend $80 to get 30 back and I have nothing in the End. YOU HAVE LOST YOUR MIND!!! I have a better idea. I will file a complaint with the State Licensing Department for not sending what you auctioned online. I will start giving feedback everywhere I can find it and let people know to BEWARE of BUYING FROM YOU unless it is in person so they can take home what they buy then and there. Also after reading other Feedback I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO EITHER! How dare you try to say I switched the radio. It took a MONTH and me writing to the LiveAuction Co. to even get my item after paying the day of the auction. I kept my end of the deal you did not sir and I will let people know you cannot be trusted. Read their reviews he NEVER admits to ever doing thing wrong. It is anyways the buyer's fault. As The Heading Says. BUYER BEWARE!!!
Magic Tone Transistor Radio Vintage

Carnegie, Australia

Jan 24, 2021
Edgar Allen Poe "The Works Of" Lovell pub. 1902 Rare

Kent, Washington

Jan 20, 2021
Advertised as 1890’s Salesman’s Sample but it’s a reproduction
If you are selling a reproduction it should be listed as such. I emailed the seller asking if it was a reproduction and did not receive a answer. Buyer beware.
Salesman Sample 1890s    Tricycle w/woven Basket Steel

Tallahassee, FL

Jan 17, 2021
Rose Medallion Drinking Bowls and Saucers

Praha 1, CZ

Jan 15, 2021

New Fairfield, CT

Jan 14, 2021
Fischer Budapest Porcelain Pitcher

Little Rock, Arkansas

Jan 11, 2021
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Auctions By DaumMar 23, 2021
really Appreciate for the five star
Limoges Vintage Trinket Box w/ Elf Tower

Jupiter, FL

Jan 11, 2021
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumNov 03, 2021
you got a great price you can return it with the 30day window you where late with your payment
Haitian Modern Raynald Cgarles Oil On Cavase Framed

Tokyo, JP

Dec 20, 2020
working or not and mechanical or quatz
His discription was not correct.
Lucien Piccard Chrono Silver Tone Watch

Columbia, SC

Nov 08, 2020
Transistorized Watch

Muscat, Oman

Oct 23, 2020
Salvador Dali Henry Moore Family Group Bronze Sculpture

Santa Fe, NM

Oct 19, 2020
I have tried contacting this auction house multiple times via email and voicemail. I even sent a shipper to try to pick up my items but to no avail. BUYER BEWARE.
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumNov 03, 2021
Office and warehouse workers spike in Covid cases pandemic we have one case and one wanted to work. we are over 25 years in business we are slowly coming back but we will be back...
Winston Club Chair, Natural Stripe Linen

Tuscola, IL

Oct 01, 2020
1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

Saint Louis, MO

Aug 14, 2020
Very helpful and professional
All went very well-thank you
Edna Hibel Lithograph Hand Signed

Cortemadera, California

Jul 29, 2020
Expensive and self serve shipping
Was contacted out of the blue by a third party for shipping. Wanted me to fax my credit card etc. Sorry this is not 1990.
Vintage Sterling Silver Canddelabras  Candlesticks

Lubbock, Texas

Jul 23, 2020
WARNING! Never received items, requested refund, never received $75 refund!
Purchased $75 lot, and when I did not receive any information about shipping of tea cups and tea pot, I called. Still didn't receive information. I emailed. At which point was informed they misplaced the tea pot... would I like another or a refund. I requested a refund and never received it. I have all correspondence and proof of failure to refund my purchase.
Fine English China Sets

Santa Rosa, CA

Jul 22, 2020
I did
I did
Windmill Clock from 1920's

Troy, New York

Jul 22, 2020
shipping charges and buyer's premium
Paid twice the amount I bid for the item, once shipping charges and buyer's premium were added. To me personally, that was too much. The service was good. No complaints.
 China Buddhism Bronze Kwanyin Bodhisattva Buddha

Welland, Canada

Jul 22, 2020
Vivitar Auto Wide Angle 28mm 1:2.8 & Vivitar 52mm

Miami, FL

Jun 25, 2020
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Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Thank You
Antique Victorian Record Player

Rockland, Massachusetts

Jun 20, 2020
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Thank you
Vintage Westclox Car clock Ca. 1930

Montgomery, Alabama

Jun 19, 2020
People you can trust
Nothing like dealing with honest people
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Thank you
Knife Diamond Edge352 Serpentine Jack Knife USA,.

Buffalo, TX

Jun 19, 2020
great bunch of people
great bunch of people
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Thank you Harold
1859 USA Three Cent Silver Piece Trime 3ctype ungraded

Palm Springs, CA

May 29, 2020
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Daniel thank you Daniel
(2) Garden Pots

New York, NY

May 08, 2020
Sealtest adv. Clock 1970s

Bethany, Connecticut

May 08, 2020
I bought an item that didn't exist.
I bought an item that didn't exist. They refunded me, but it ruined a gift.
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
This is a very unfair Star some things are out of our controll
Cast Iron Spanish Wall Clock

Vancouver, CA

Apr 28, 2020
Badly packed antique toaster arrived broken no reply to messages
I have tried reaching out via email and through Live Auctioneers 'website, and have not had a reply. I was told by the UPS office that they had not packed the toaster, so I don't know where to turn. I've never had an antique item shoved tightly in a box with no padding at all by any shipper or auction house.
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
UPS Packed the Toaster If you don't get satisfaction we will refund your money
Antique Toast-o-Lator Art Deco Design Crome Rare

Kansas City, Missouri

Mar 14, 2020
Auctions By Daum logo
Auctions By DaumJun 29, 2020
Thanks Jim
Morse Code Telegraph Transmitter

Camas, WA

Feb 21, 2020
2 Fine Crystal Brandy Snifters

Donald Stanley
Trenton, Missouri

Feb 21, 2020
I purchased what I belived was vintage but was not!
Mythical Egyptian Artwork Bronze Sculpture Sphinx with

Hudson, NY

Feb 03, 2020
2 Leopards  Brass Sculptures

Meridian, Mississippi

Feb 01, 2020
by A.Norman Native American Oil Painting

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