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Our gallery, with more than 10.000 square feet of furnitures, paintings, antique objects, etc., PLANET ANTIQUES is helded by the Tribunal Consultant Domenico Buceti, antiques expert with more than thirty years of work in this sector and descendant from a family of antique dealers and very famous artists. **** Glancing through the history of the family, we can find sculptors such as Ignazio Buceti da Messina and his son Giuseppe (XVIII cent.). They adorned and embellished the squares and main streets of the sicilian city with their works. **** His son Umberto, even keeping on the artistic tradition of the family, was famous also in trading with the art works, becoming one of the most important antique dealers in Rome. His footsteps have been followed by his son Domenico who, at a very young age in the early eighties, opened his first shop in the center of Rome. He built up his fame participating in important shows and international fairs, opening afterwards several galleries in the heart of Rome in Via dei Banchi Vecchi, Via Giulia and Piazza Pasquale Paoli. He undertook commercial relationships in Europe and U.S.A., becoming known almost worldwide because of his availability and knowledge and the convenience of his goods, the bought and the sold ones. **** He took up the challenge of managing PLANET ANTIQUES, and with his experience he enriched the gallery with furnitures and objects of whichever epoch and value from the rarest collectionism to the simpler goods, reachable by everyone.**** ** ** SURVEYS AND ESTIMATIONS ** ** In our gallery, the Tribunal Consultant of Rome, Domenico Buceti, makes surveys and estimations on-line. **** Our customers may send pictures of the pieces to be evaluated to our e-mail address. Otherways, it's possible to bring them directly to our gallery for a more accurate evaluation. **** This kind of survey is totally free of charge and it is suitable for people that need an informal opinion. **** We are keen to acquire the pieces evaluated from us when we think it advisible. **** We also make thoroughly examined surveys and for legal purposes (hereditary divisions, judiciary disputations, etc.) eventually going personally on the spot to make pictures and to take notice of the goods. Issuing, at the end of the evaluation, a written certificate. **** Opening time:**** Everyday, by appointment only
2900 NW 108 Avenue
doral, FL 33172
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Bidder Reviews for The globe Usa Llc (13)

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Ormond Beach, FL

Jun 17, 2021
answered all my questions
picture frames really sweet and as described
Small deco' picture frame

Miami Beach, FL

Sep 28, 2020
In house shipping.
bronze bust

Hudson, NY

May 17, 2020
The best!
this was one of the easiest auction experiences I’ve had, with fast and affordable in-house shipping. I will definitely be back!
Christofle basket

Sarasota, FL

Nov 13, 2018
A small internet auctioneer.


Aug 09, 2016
First class

Bonita Springs, FL

Oct 17, 2021
Antique Damaged by Seller
Wood carving on antique mirror was poorly repaired in one area and broken off in whole piece in another. Poorly packed when we picked it up which should have been our warning. Seller is working out of his house, second warning. Seller refused to discount or refund item upon unpacking. He appears to be a fly by night junk dealer that concealed damage on a low cost item. Avoid at all cost.
Brass set of fire irons

Aventura, FL

Jul 08, 2021
Avoid this auction house at all costs!
If you want to receive what you paid for, avoid this auction house. The item i received was damaged and missing a part that was in the online picture. I contacted them and had multiple conversations in which they said they were looking for the missing part. Then all of a sudden they became nasty and said if I wanted a refund I had to pay to ship the item back. They would not refund the outbound shipping or return shipping. Ironic how at first they admitted the piece they sent did not match what was online and then they tried to get me to pay for their unprofessionalism. All for a $125 sale. It isn't about the money-it is about their lack of principals. I will do everything in my ability to warn people of their unscrupulous practice. This auction house makes a bad name for others that are trustworthy and professional.
Marble and Bronze Urn Table Lamp

Past Auctions from The globe Usa Llc

Date: Descending
Pair of Sevres vases
Gilt wood console tableVery important American painting

Spring Antiques Auction

May 28, 2023 9:19 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of magnificent Obelisks
Cuban painting by Gina PellónGilt wood console table

Santa Claus' Auction

Dec 04, 2022 6:52 PM EST
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of magnificent Obelisks
Pair of Empire vasesCuban painting by Gina Pellón

summer antiques auction

Jul 24, 2022 9:12 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Cuban painting by Gina Pellon
Venice  Italian PaintingAmerican Painting

New & unsold lots from past auctions

Oct 03, 2021 6:43 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
18th Century Dutch painting
Italian Bureau BookcaseLegras glass vase

spring auction time

May 30, 2021 7:52 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Italian Painting Chiarottini
Pair of French vasesPorcelain group of Sevres

winter antique auction

Mar 07, 2021 7:53 PM EST
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of magnificent Obelisks
Pair of Sevres vasesGeorgian English silver cruet set

Be special for Christmas,give an antique gift

Dec 20, 2020 8:36 PM EST
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Amazing Church column
Italian Sorrentino tableLarge Satsuma vase

interior decoration and antiques

Sep 06, 2020 8:58 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of magnificent Obelisks
Minerva oval cameoPair of Italian architectures paintings

Antiques decoration, paintings, old jewels

Jul 05, 2020 9:56 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Amazing enamel box
Pair of French vasesLegras glass vase

Antiques and house decoration

Apr 26, 2020 7:57 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of beautiful Old Paris vases
A very rare Roman micro mosaicPair of Italian water colors


Oct 21, 2018 10:29 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
19th Century painting
Marquetry kingwood chestPair of French vases

Cheapest Antiques.....all you can buy!

Jul 04, 2017 10:00 PM EDT
United Statesdoral, FL, US
Auction Ended
Caltagirone vase
Giltwood console table19th Century miniature

Antiques painting,furniture and object

Jul 17, 2016 10:01 PM EDT
United StatesMiami, FL, US
Auction Ended
Pair of Empire vases
Amazing enamel boxGiltwood console table


Sep 06, 2015 10:17 PM EDT
United StatesMiami, FL, US
Auction Ended
Bronze and ivory  figure
Pair of black moor chandeliersBerlin porcelain soup tureen

mostly from $0 furniture,painting & fine art

May 25, 2014 9:00 PM EDT
United StatesMiami, FL, US
Auction Ended
A very rare Roman micromosaic
Pair of ivory boxesWalnut Italian bureau cabinet


Mar 24, 2013 4:54 PM EDT
ItalyRome, IT
Auction Ended
276: Ivory portrait miniature  of a lady
125: Sorrento inlaid table325: Set of 10 Sevres plates


Nov 25, 2012 3:30 PM EST
ItalyRome, IT
Auction Ended
238: Micromosaic plaque seven views
63: Ivory portrait miniature  of a lady67: Ivory portrait miniature  of a lady


Sep 30, 2012 2:51 PM EDT
ItalyRome, IT
Auction Ended
25: Pair of Sevres vases
118: Venetian blackamoor169: Italian painting


Jul 08, 2012 2:32 PM EDT
ItalyRome, IT
Auction Ended
149: 19th Century French bronze figure
109: 19th Century Ivory figure106: 19th Century Ivory figure


May 20, 2012 2:28 PM EDT
ItalyRome, IT
Auction Ended

Record Auction Results for The globe Usa Llc

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Venetian blackamoor: Large polychrome blackamoor torcheres, Italian, end of 19th Century. H: cm 200, base L: cm 42 (H: 78,8 inch, base L: 16,5 inch)
Jul 08, 2012
See Sold Price
Silver cork eagles: Pair of silver cork eagles, Austrian, 19th Cenutry. H 3 inch
May 25, 2014
See Sold Price