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Vintage Gravures

Vintage Gravures

We specialize in vintage published art. Mostly Photogravures, but also some lithographs, engravings and so on. If an item does not identify the printing method you can assume it is a sheet-fed gravure. Much of our art is from original publications; Portfolios, Books, Catalogues, and magazines for example Price is a function of demand, rarity, and quality. We do quite a bit of research on each item before we price it. That being said, we are always open to reasonable offers. We trim and dry mount most of our pieces to help preserve and display them. We utilize acid-free materials and use a seal heat press to adhere the artwork with wax based tissue to the mounting boards. They are ready to frame in standard size frames. Some of our items are of course double sided with great, rare images on both sides. We will only mount those upon request as we feel these would be better free matted so both sides can be displayed.
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Placida, FL 33946
United States
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Upcoming Auctions from Vintage Gravures

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Past Auctions from Vintage Gravures

Cartier-Bresson - Matisse w/Picasso Vases
Kandinsky - Formes Rouges - Color LithographKrull, Germaine - "Mrs Hubbel"
usAuction Ended
Cartier-Bresson - Venice
Bourke-White, M - Hood's Chapel, GeorgiaBurchartz, Max - Lotte (Eye)
usAuction Ended
Weston, Edward - Charis
Albin-Guillot, Laure - Two NudesGauthier, L - Young Indigenous Women
usAuction Ended
Koppitz, Rudolf - Movement Study
Bourke-White, M - Augusta, GeorgiaBoubat, Edouard - Francoise Sagan
usAuction Ended
Boubat, Edouard - Africa, 1956
Franck, Martine - Exhibition au Grande PalaisJiru, Vaclav - Nude with Flower
usAuction Ended
Krull, Germaine - "Mrs Hubbel"
Hausmann, Raoul - Nude on sandMan Ray - Nude (Solarization)
usAuction Ended
Berkowski, Walter - Locomotive
Boubat, Edouard - Africa, 1956Chassid, Michael - Nude
usAuction Ended
Angenendt, Erich - Steps
Blossfeldt, Prof. Karl - BarnklaubluteBoubat, Edouard - Leopard , Folies-Bergere 1962
usAuction Ended
Adams. Ansel - Old Fence
Andre, Rogi - Portrait de  Le CorbusierArbus, Diane - One Evening in a Nudist Camp, PA
usAuction Ended
Attie, David - Saloon Society
Lewis, Herve - Torso, Bending (nude)Schall, Roger - Les Chateau Haut-Brion
usAuction Ended