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Winter Haven, FL

Jun 25, 2022
Attr to Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Portrait of Young Lady

Denver, CO

Jun 13, 2022
Art Deco Style Iron Lamp with Glass Shade

Danvers, MA

Jun 13, 2022
Lalique France Perfumes, Leaves, Sagittarius

Provincetown, MA

Jun 12, 2022
Harold Haven Brown, Street View, Woodblock Print

Norwalk, CT

Jun 06, 2022
Very good items, thanks again!
Very good items, thanks again!
Group of Sterling Cigar Lighters

Los Angeles, CA

Jun 04, 2022
Antique Leaded Glass Shade

Madison, Wisconsin

May 31, 2022

Anaheim, CA

May 22, 2022
Good art specialists
Auction you can trust
Chinese Pottery Seated Guanyin, Ming Dynasty

Versailles, KY

May 22, 2022
Condition, maker's mark if any.
No thanks
Assorted Sterling and Silverplate Cups, Bowls

Boston, Massachusetts

May 15, 2022
Love my rug
Regular bidder at Kaminski and happy again with rug for study and birds for dining room. Great quality and nice team at pickup.

Brookline, MA

May 07, 2022
American Mint Commemorative Coins

Westwood, NJ

Apr 24, 2022
Great experience
Very satisfied with the whole process.

Wakefield, Massachusetts

Apr 23, 2022

Columbia, SC

Apr 09, 2022
lovely item
item came fast and was just as described.
Catherine Crawford, Tail Wind, Oil on Canvas

Hong Kong, HK

Apr 06, 2022
Sky-high transportation costs
Sky-high transportation costs I don't know why shipping is so expensive I can't afford it The transportation cost is more than the cost of my goods Be careful of shipping costs when you buy
Chinese Ink Calligraphy on Paper

Springfield, VA

Mar 21, 2022
This auction went very smoothly! Delighted with item.
Henley English Brass Carriage Clock

Camden, SC

Feb 26, 2022
Italian Neoclassical Style Table with Chairs

Cornelius, NC

Feb 26, 2022
Walking Stick with Concealed Sword

Cape Girardeau, MO

Feb 03, 2022
Almost great
5 purses. one had "broken" handle that was NOT at all represented in photos. quite disappointing!! Other 4 were good. Still got a good deal, but leaves a bit of bad taste wondering about if there would be a next time.
Cole Hann, Tumi, and Others

Kamuela, Hawaii, HI

Dec 30, 2021
great experience
Top experience, thank you!
Five Italian Watercolors

Austin, TX

Dec 20, 2021

West Palm Beach, FL

Dec 09, 2021
The Best!
Perfect transaction, thank you.

Boston, MA

Dec 03, 2021
Japanese Woodblock Print

Vineland, NJ

Oct 26, 2021
Auction listing omitted modifications to bronze statue
After receiving a bronze statue I purchased on-line, there were three holes present in the top of the statue. One large hole (approx. 5/8 "in diameter) down the center and two small threaded holes in the top of the heads. It was obvious someone had previously modified the statue into a lamp. Kaminski claims the holes were evident in their listing photos. Due to the angle that the picture was taken only one of their 5 listed photos shows a very small sliver of the large central hole which is easily mistaken for a shadow. None of the other photos depict the smaller holes drilled into the tops of the statues. Kaminski's written description did not mention that the bronze had been modified into a lamp nor that drilled holes were present. I requested a refund and indicated I paid $150 to ship the statue to my residence. Kaminiski's customer service rep. first indicated if the statue was damaged they may be able to help me. I sent them pictures of the damage and their representative at first indicated the bronze was undamaged and suggested I contact the shipper to determine what may have happened while in the shippers possession. After informing the Kaminski rep. that these holes were drilled by a previous owner and not the shipper, he later admitted the bronze was converted into a lamp. Kaminski refuses to acknowledge their listing did not clearly show the damage nor any indication of drilled holes or conversion into a lamp in their very brief written description. Kaminski has cut off further communication with me.
19thC Bronze Sculpture, The Courtship

Lisa Beth
Newton, MA

Oct 23, 2021
Frank Kaminski is on top of his game!
Frank Kaminski has wonderful auctions and knows the art of auctioning like no other. There is so much that goes on before bringing an auction to life and his team of wonderful employees and experts get the job done in an exemplary way time and time again. I almost always preview the auction before I buy and when I run into Frank and ask him a question or two, he speaks with me as if he doesn’t have a care in the world and answers all. He is the epitome of grace under pressure. Frank’s comprehensive knowledge is truly impressive. Auction day he renews himself and he is in the moment aware of all that is going on around him. I enjoy listening to him and his cadence is fine-tuned, and one can tell he is a very seasoned auctioneer. He has wonderful communication skills and his confidence and showmanship make watching entertaining and participating and buying exciting. The logistics after an auction is complete is another marvel that’s Kaminski’s pulls off with aplomb. If there were 6 stars that is what I would rate my experience with Kaminski Auctions.
Circa 1893 Matt Daly Initialed Rookwood Iris Glaze Vase

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Oct 06, 2021
Mixed Media Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Santa Barbara, CA

Oct 03, 2021

Cambridge, MA

Sep 27, 2021
Mahogany Bookcase

Leesburg, IN

Sep 22, 2021
Great Auction House
Kaminski’s was So easy to work with!
St Louis Stemware and Other Crystal

Worcester, MA

Sep 18, 2021
Great items and easy pick up
I have purchased from Kaminiski Auctions before and had another great experience. The items were as described. Paying for them was easy and Kaminski was flexible about pickup times. I look forward to their next auction.
Pair of Antique Brass Wall Sconces

Vineland, NJ

Sep 18, 2021
Helpful and courteous.
Kaminski Auctions was very helpful in supplying information regarding shipping options to a first time buyer. They are honest, reliable and respond promptly. A very well run company. No hesitation doing future business with them.
Grand Tour Bronze Sculpture of Woman

Tullahoma, TN

Sep 08, 2021
Eli Terry P & S Clock.. Not..!
The clock, while nice for what it is.. is not an original clock but a well-made reproduction... It was not described as a reproduction... It appeared in the photos as a restored original... Contacted Kaminski Auctions via email and never received a reply... Contact person was sympathetic but had to send the message to a superior who never replied... Shipping was a real hassle as the item was far from the UPS Store that tried to charge me well over twice what I paid for the clock... So much that I told the shipper to keep it as a gift... A few days later he magically decided he could ship for less than half of his initial price...
Eli Terry Jr. Mahogany Mantel Clock

Richmond Hill, CA

Aug 29, 2021
Chinese Footed Cloisonne Teapot

Standish, ME

Aug 15, 2021
Excellent company to do business with
I have purchased multiple times from this gallery and have always found them to be very professional and welcoming.
Cast Iron Cupid Statue

West Roxbury, MA

Aug 15, 2021
Kaminski always comes through
I always have an easy process picking items up at Kaminski's. They are always responsive and excellent to work with.
Jacquolt, Portrait of a Baby, Oil on Board

Westernville, NY

Aug 02, 2021
They lost my item, my shipper tried x4 attempts-no joy. Auction never contacted me-
I won’t do business with them again. Lost my item, I and my shipper had to ask continually to locate it (x 5 attempts, never did), multiple calls to them, never from them and multiple contacts to return my payment. Very disappointed.
Early 20th C French Bronze Hanging Lamp

Los Angeles, CA

Jul 29, 2021
Chanel Boutique Multicolor Tweed Skirt Suit

Athol, MA

Jul 26, 2021
Sad experience, sold item they didn’t have, poor customer interaction
It is sad for me to have to write this review as this will be my third and final experience with this auction house. The first time they couldn’t find my items and the guy at the front desk was extremely rude. The second time they told me the item was located at one house when it turns out it was located at another house an hour away to which they made no concession. The third and final time I bid on one mirror which I paid for promptly. Turns out the mirror wasn’t even ever takento the auction house, but yet they sold it to me anyway. When we found out they did not have it they were non-apologetic in anyway and made very light of the fact that the item in question was probably taken by habitat from the home they were liquidating because it never made it onto their truck. Highly unprofessional. Seems to me there should be checks and balances when you’re dealing with this kind of money and these kind of the estates. The worst part is they’re so big and they just don’t need the business so they don’t seem to care about your purchase no matter how big or small it is. Everyone I’ve encountered there has been less than friendly except the poor workmen who have to travel around their large unorganized storage space to try to find the items that you win. We drove an hour and a half to pick these items up and had already sold the mirror to a customer Because we assumed we could trust them to have it in their possession. As I said they didn’t apologize they said they’ll look into it we never ever heard from them and had to contact them to get our money back. They did provide a refund and they did so promptly after I left a message but no one even called to say they were sorry we had a bad experience they just don’t give a ********** quite frankly. We on our own business and would never treat our customers like that. The employees (not the helpers) act like your bothering them so it was just a bad experience. It’s a shame because they have beautiful pieces, sadly we won’t be back.
Baptismal Font Marble

Tainan City, TW

Jul 24, 2021
Very sad buying experience!
1. I spent a lot of money and a lot of shipping, but the auction item I got was indeed problematic. It was repaired originally, and the photos and product descriptions were not clearly written. 2. I have responded many times and wrote a lot of emails, and the auction house will not respond to see if it can be processed. 3. I did not ask for returns and refunds, I only ask for reasonable compensation. I hope the auction company sees it, please reply me as soon as possible!!!!
Chinese Jun Ware Vases with Bowl

Medfield, MA

Jul 18, 2021
Kaminski sold us a leather sleep sofa that wreaks of mildew.
We purchased a leather sofa from Kaminski and there was no caution or description that the leather sleep sofa and mattress wreaked of mildew. I contacted them via email and they did not have the courtesy to respond. See email below that we sent to Kaminski: Dear Kaminski Auctions, I am writing to say that the sofa I purchased on Saturday, for which I paid Kaminski a total of $863.28 and then paid a mover approximately $450 to transport the sofa from Beverly to our home, wreaks of mildew. The smell is so strong that it permeates the entire first floor of our home. The sofa is a leather sleep sofa and we have tried to air it out, to air out the mattress, and to treat it with Febreze, but nothing works. To make things worse, my husband and I are both extremely allergic to mildew, so the odor is making us sick. I am aware of your policies, but the fact that you did not state that the sofa smells badly of mildew is truly unethical. You conduct an online auction and people expect that the products offered are in good condition unless otherwise noted. We threw out our old sofa to make room for this new one, so not only have we lost $1, 313, but we are also left with a sofa that we cannot use and no replacement. We are extremely disappointed that Kaminski would not warn consumers that the sofa smells of mildew. Buyers cannot smell an item in an online auction. We understood you to be a trustworthy auction house, but you have violated our trust.
Mitchell Gold Brown Leather Pull-Out Sofa

North Bay, CA

Jul 18, 2021
Gilt Easel

Canton, MI

Jul 18, 2021
Communication and accuracy very good
Chanel Satin and Cashmere Scarf

Wilmington, DE

Jul 16, 2021
19thC German Meissen/Dresden Plates

Ardsley, NY

Jul 14, 2021
Beware Lot Description and Photo Quality
I had my item shipped and the process was fairly smooth with one of the providers they listed. The item description was lite to say the least: artist name, art type, size. The pictures make the item look very favorable to the auction house. When I received the piece, the artwork is materially wrinkled as though it was subjected to years of humidity damage. I appreciate there's a risk with these things sometimes but the lack of notice in the auction lot highlighting or mentioning the condition of an item is irresponsible at best. If you're unable to see in person, I would tread lightly...
Hisashi Otsuka, Japanese Watercolor

Savannah, GA

Jun 26, 2021
CA 1830 New York Classical Pier Table

Saint Simons Island, GA

Jun 26, 2021
Nichols and Stone Maple Dining Set

Hampton, CT

Jun 26, 2021
Wrought Iron Candleholder, Whale Oil Lamp

Macon, Georgia

May 06, 2021
Good Experience
A little slow getting item to shipper.
Lap Desk Mahogany

Elkview, West Virginia

May 05, 2021
Carefully packaged
Beautiful pieces in perfect condition!

Rehoboth Beach, DE

May 03, 2021
Tall Bar Glasses

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