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Auctions Online is the premiere online auction house in your area. In our online showroom you'll have access to a vast variety of unique paintings, rare bronze relics, handcrafted fine jewelry, and antiques in supreme condition. Some of the most unique artifacts and family heirlooms pass through our auction on a regular basis. From common furnishings to harder to find pieces, Auctions Online is a one-stop catalog of all things precious and uncommon. Bargains abound on fine furnishings and art pieces. Auctions Online should be your first destination on the web for best prices. We display everything from handcrafted furniture to attractive wall ar. You won't regret a visit to our showroom. When you call the phone number listed on our site, we'll set an appointment for an auction preview. Our showroom is always receiving new furnishings, and we are constantly filling our online auction with these goods. If you're not an on-site bidder, shopping Auctions Online is convenient and secure. You may be pleasantly surprised with just how easy it is to bid online. And of course, we always welcome you to visit our auction house in person. Whatever the desire, we look forward to sharing our experience with professional and novice collectors alike.

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Nutley, NJ

Jul 18, 2019
Auctions Online Public Review
After the Auction Expired, I was Contacted with Kind Attention to the Handling of the June Sale. The Gold Frame was a Good Idea Too. I Would Come Back for More
Geopoliticus child watching the birth of the new man -

Andy Howard - The Meadows
Marietta, GA

Nov 07, 2018
My experience to date has been very positive. No complaints


Aug 08, 2016
I got the feeling that they were a front and the auction was not real. I got the merchandise much later. I asked for USPS, but got more expensive UPS shipment. And then to get the wrong items that were very cheap looking. I felt I had been "had."


Sep 07, 2017
Availability to pay with Visa and Paypal. not everyone has American Express


Feb 07, 2017
I would like to draw your attention on the fact that some auctions are presented with the intend to mislead the collector, like the ongoing USA live auctions which present mostly bad copies under the name of the original artist. Many of your collectors will be trapped. ANother thing on a recent Japanese woodblocks auction, I was the only bidder on my selected items and my bids were added 3 or 4 times when no competitor was bidding. I find this not faire as the rule is that the bid increase only if there is a competition.


Jul 18, 2016
You need to improve your CC payment services! Not everyone is computer savvy! Make a secure page to give payment information!

Guilford, CT

Jan 24, 2020
Vague and not optimal quality
The description of the item was vague. Unclear whether it was a canvas copy. Condition was described as "good" but frame was broken and the canvas was fractured. It was apparent that it had been forcibly pulled from its original outer frame.
In Thoughts Of You - Jack Vettriano - Canvas

Edmond, OK

Dec 19, 2019
Just a gift shop print
The Albrect Durer I purchased is just a gift shop print in Italy that was advertised as being valued at $4000-$5000. Its worth $25. Just a copy print that was taped to a mat with double stick tape. Getting it shipped was a pain.
St Eustace - Albrecht Durer - Engraving 153U

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