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Thousand Planet Auction House

Thousand Planet Auction House

Welcome to Thousand Planet Auction House, a distinguished name in the world of unique, historical artifacts and relics. Anchored in the bustling city of Hong Kong, our auction house stands as a beacon for collectors and enthusiasts of rare and antique treasures. At Thousand Planet, we pride ourselves on curating a remarkable array of artifacts, each with its own story and historical significance. Our collections range from ancient relics that whisper tales of bygone civilizations to more contemporary pieces that speak of recent histories and artistic endeavors. Our operational base in Hong Kong serves as the central hub for our auction activities, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated auction experience. The city's vibrant mix of cultures and its position as a global financial center align perfectly with our commitment to offering diverse and noteworthy pieces to our international clientele. While our system operations are rooted in Hong Kong, the origin of our shipping locations varies depending on the consignment. This flexibility allows us to source and ship artifacts from various parts of the world, ensuring a diverse and dynamic collection at each auction. We maintain a network of trusted sources and experts worldwide, ensuring that every item we offer is not only authentic but also of the highest quality. Our commitment extends beyond just auctions; we aim to create an engaging and informative environment for our clients. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a new enthusiast, we endeavor to make your experience with us enlightening and enjoyable.
Office-B, Cheerful Commercial Building
116-118 Ma Tau Wai Road
Hunghom, Kowloon, 00000
Hong Kong
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Bidder Reviews for Thousand Planet Auction House (65)

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Riva, MD

Jun 12, 2024
A Great auction house. Very trustworthy.
Very trustworthy and fast shipping!!!!
Auction An Ancient Viking Bronze Signet Ring, c. 800-1050 AD Auction

San Francisco, CA

Jun 01, 2024
My Go-to Auctioneer
I rarely leave reviews, only in exceptional situations, and this is the first time I have left two reviews for one auctioneer, because my experiences with Thousand Planet have been, by far, the most positive I have had in years of purchasing antiquities and collectibles from auction sites. I read a one star review from another user, and although I know nothing of that individuals experience, I have purchased many dozens of items from TP, and it is difficult for me to imagine such a negative review with this firm. If you are a large collector as I am, you will, from time to time, encounter one-off items of questionable authenticity. That is part of the game, but I do not think I have encountered such a thing with TP. I strongly disagree with the review from the other user and could not recommend TP more highly. Authentic products as listed (to the extent that ancient items can be dated effectively, very careful packaging (nothing has ever been damaged in shipping-packaging is exceptional), and often times same day shipment via major express delivery shipper.
Antique Islamic Period Paraiba-Colored Glass Beads, c. 10th-15th Century

Raymond Lee
Bangkok, TH

May 11, 2024
Hassel Free really
Thank you, really never try never know, thank i found your auction house.
An Egyptian Turquoise-Glazed Shabti, Late Period, 664-332 BC

Radford, VA

Feb 20, 2024
Fantastic experience
Shipping was prompt and sent at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Thousand Planet Auction House.
A Byzantine Bronze Figurine of a Saint with a Child, 4th-6th Century A.D.

Chiangmai, TH

Feb 07, 2024
Satisfied auction experience
The auction house is responsive and very efficient in minimizing the shipping and custom costs. Very impressive! I will join other upcoming auctions for sure!
A Coptic Egyptian Alabaster Fist Amulet, Circa 4th-6th Century AD

San Antonio, TX

Feb 04, 2024
Delivered quickly and items were as described.
Auctioneer has a Hong Kong address and items shipped from Bangkok.
Ancient Mesopotamia Near Eastern Black Steatite Stamp Seal, 700-500 BC

Apollo Beach, FL

Feb 02, 2024
Thousand Planet is finding their jam.
I've purchase from Thousand Planet four or five times. Every transaction has been smooth and uneventful. Customer service has been prompt, shipping to the U. S. is highly reasonable considering weight/size of objects, and the items I receive are unique to what I can find in my local area. I look forward to another 4 or 5 auctions.
An Egyptian Double Convex Stone Stamp Seal, Pharaonic Period

Los Angeles, CA

Jan 24, 2024
Great objects for History-minded Collectors
This company is accurate, polite, and efficient. They make each step easy and pleasant. Highly recommended!
Sasanian Diorite Amulet Locket (224-651 AD)

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