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Floating World Auctions

Floating World Auctions

Floating World Auctions is the world's leading on-line auction of Japanese prints and paintings, offering exceptional works of all periods and genres, including ukiyo-e, shin hanga, sosaku hanga and contemporary. The bi-annual sales typically run about 150-200 lots and are held in the spring and fall. We purchase artwork outright as well as accept consignments. Bill and Roberta Stein manage the auction. Between them, the Bill and Roberta have over 50 years experience in the trade.
1925 N. Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60614
United States
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Upcoming Auctions from Floating World Auctions

Floating World Auctions has no upcoming auctions. auctioneer to hear about new auctions.

Past Auctions from Floating World Auctions

Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock
Hashiguchi Goyo WoodblockAndo Hiroshige Woodblock
usAuction Ended
Ito Shinsui Woodblock
Kawase Hasui WoodblockHiroshi Yoshida Woodblock
usAuction Ended
34: Hashiguchi Goyo Woodblock
96: Clifton Karhu Woodblock40: Kawase Hasui Woodblock
usAuction Ended
38: Shotei Hiroaki Woodblock
30: Kawase Hasui Woodblock107: Emil Orlik Etching
usAuction Ended
127: Ito Shinsui Woodblock
126: Toko Shinoda22: Yozo Hamaguchi Color Mezzotint
usAuction Ended
142: Chiura Obata Woodblock
35: Kawase Hasui Woodblock87: Tsuruoka Kakunen Woodblock
usAuction Ended
148: Paul Jacoulet Watercolor
121: Tomoo Inagaki Woodblock155: Elizabeth Keith Woodblock
usAuction Ended
17: Kawase Hasui Woodblock
56: Hiroshi Yoshida Watercolor7: Kitagawa Utamaro Woodblock
usAuction Ended
157: Chiura Obata Watercolor
30: Hashiguchi Goyo Woodblock53: Joichi Hoshi Woodblock
usAuction Ended
3: Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock
1: Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock4: Hiroshi Yoshida Woodblock
usAuction Ended
164: Paul Jacoulet Woodblock
150: Elizabeth Keith Woodblock74: Ishikawa Toraji Woodblock
usAuction Ended