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HAMPTON HOUSE is Virginia's Finest Auction gallery and we are pleased to be returning to Liveauctioneers while we continue to bring estate matters and their finery to the market. For the last 20 years we have engaged in the responsibility of assisting heirs, attorneys, banks and trustees in the process of resolving estate by sale, auction, and appraisal. After a number of years on other internet platforms we are glad to be back on Liveauctioneers where we first were many years ago. We invite you to join us. If you have any questions or information needs please do not hesitate to contact us. Hampton House ANTIQUE WORKS and HAMPTON HOUSE AUCTIONS ANTIQUE WORKS and HAMPTON HOUSE AUCTIONS offers a number of services to our clients. Listed below are a few of our more popular services. If, however, you have a concern regarding downsizing, personal property valuation, estate settlement or some additional area not addressed below do not hesitate to call and discuss the matter with us. Controlled Sales - This is the ability to sell by estate sale, auction or consignment. We will consult with heirs or executors on the best way to precede both from the standpoint of the best method as well as what should be included. Frequently items may do better with one method over another and we may utilize a combination of solutions to improve the outcome. This generally covers personal or business property. Negotiated Sales - This occurs on limited items within an estate and/or where privacy regarding the ownership of a specific item, or group of items, is a concern. Our buyer�€™s number in the thousands providing a seller access to a broad market, but our confidentiality assures their privacy. Auction - Rapidly becoming one of the easiest solutions for many of our clients the auction of personal or business property allows the family to pursue closing portions of the estate which may otherwise be delayed until the personal property is settled. This solution is also frequently employed where an estate no longer has a residence to conduct and estate sale from or perhaps only has a few pieces which need to be represented. One piece or an entire home we are please to discuss with you which options are in your best interest. Real Estate Auctions �€“ The current real estate market is seeing a rapidly increasing market. So much so that it is uncertain where the top of the market is. Hampton House Auctions has a stepped program to bring to market real estate which has realized many of our client�€™s substantial premiums above the perceived market value of their homes. As an estate settlement tool this has also proved to be a streamlined arms-length method of satisfying heirs concerns. Entire Home - Frequently clients express to us the experience of others being left with substantial portions of a home to deal with after a sale has transpired. Our approach if desired by the client is to assure an empty property at the end of the sale, so from attic to basement the contents of the home will be dealt with. Single Piece or Limited Piece Sale - We encourage family to keep the pieces that are meaningful to them will consult with them to determine the best pieces, but there will always be an end to the home which must be dealt with. We have the ability to incorporate these pieces into a sale or auction to assure that the family or estate receives the greatest benefit from the property. Appraisal and Evaluation - Nearly every estate has a need to determine what it has in it and what the value of the property is. This may be to satisfy the requirements of an executor, the commissioner of accounts, or the heirs themselves. Antique Works offers certified appraisers to survey a home and provide a written appraisal report for the client. This report is itemized and detailed and an invaluable tool for dealing with estate heirs, insurers, or for one�€™s own piece of mind. Insurance Consultation - Similar to the appraisals above an Insurance Appraisal will take into account the value of replacement in any case Antique Works follows the guidelines set forth by the Appraisal Foundation. Divorce Appraisal - Some times parties simple cannot agree on how to divide personal or business property, and the result is a division by dollar value. We will inventory and provide a written appraisal itemizing the property in question which can then be used as a basis for settlement Downsizing and Residential Change - There is little doubt that one of the greatest challenges facing today�€™s senior is the prospect of downsizing and changing the residential style which they are currently enjoying. We have the ability to coordinate with companies which either you have chosen or we may recommend for the moving portion, to deal with the remaining portion of the personal property to give the client as complete approach and possible and most of all peace of mind. Outside Consultation - Occasionally we encounter a client who has that one piece which is simply going to need a larger market to be represented in and attach the proper buyer. We maintain arrangements with a number of houses outside of this market and across the nation to provide our clients with the representation needed in such matters, while allowing the balance of the home to be represented locally. We act as your advocate, at no additional charge to you!
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Hampton, VA 23669
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New Smyrna Beach, FL

Nov 21, 2019
Excellent service!
Everything was very well packed for safety during shipping. Excellent service from start to finish!

Carmi, IL

Jun 26, 2019
Great auction company!
Very satisfied with this auction company and the items were beautifully packed by pak n mail! Thank you!

Newport News, VA

Apr 27, 2019
Interesting items
Hampton House has interesting items with reasonable starting bids. I've been pleased with everything I've bought through them.

Virginia Beach, VA

Apr 27, 2019
Very professional auction house!

Currituck, NC

Apr 27, 2019
Nice people
Great to work with!

Grand Rapids, MI

Mar 11, 2019
Great Auction House. Perfect experience. Highly recommend. A +

Newport News, VA

Mar 09, 2019
I think just making it clearer how/when there is access for pickup and how to gain access.

Alpharetta, GA

Mar 01, 2019
Super East Transaction.. 1 click and it arrives before you knew it!

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