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Champion Macau Auction

Champion Macau Auction

Since its foundation in 1999, iAsure Group has earned its reputation for success by executing various successful business developments and marketing projects in the US. From then on, iAsure Group has most recently expanded with several more projects and investments in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and most recently China. Apart from local e-commercial activities in many countries, iAsure Group has also held multinational e-commercial activities among different countries in Asia and has supported companies from different countries to promote their products abroad. As the first API technology partner in Asia, iAsure Group has closely cooperated with eBay in Asia on many marketing, business development and technology projects since its certification from eBay. iAsure values technology development. Since its foundation, iAsure first developed Yahoo! and eBay-compatible Auction Management Solution (AMS) software and later moved onto cooperate with eBay on the development of a series of e-commerce software solutions. iAsure has also invested in 3D online games and P2P file sharing software. In 2005, iAsure partnered with Guangdong CHS Media Holding Co., Ltd a leader in Chinese film and entertainment. For three of CHS Media’s TV top-ranked prime-time dramas Golden Age, Da Qi Hero Legend and Chu Liuxiang Legend, iAsure made a series of successful promotional and product placement, campaigns. iAsure also created the official TV drama Websites and blogs plus ran the online competitions to select the theme songs and the televised talent searches to select the singers. iAsure’s business involves online auctions, online game development, Internet search engine tools, a file sharing program and Film & TV media marketing and promotions. It integrates the traditional channels of retailing, TV shopping and advertising with the Internet. Moreover, iAsure also provides a brand-new market as well as an active trading platform for distributing related products of cultural and entertainment industry in China. More importantly, iAsure actively participates in charity events, often holds fund raising auctions for those in need.
Sofitel Macau Ponte 16 6F Promenade
Rua do Visconde Paco De Arcos
Macau , 999077
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Singapore, SG

Dec 14, 2019
Worst Auction House
I have been to countless Auction House and this is the first time encounter a Auction House which is very irresponsible, I can't able to get in touch in payment and Collecting the won item. Provided a number but only a representative office which can't help me to answer my most simple answer. Went to the said Office (Representative Office to make payment) also no much help. Presently I am still trying to make payment through Cash and Carry. Advise to all Collectors, never never....... bid on this Auction House, your Nightmares just begun.
CHINA-QING Dynasty 1853 Hsien-feng Yuan-pao 100 Cash,


Dec 21, 2015
Special thanks to Jeffrey Wai for help he has done. Thank you.

Past Auctions from Champion Macau Auction

Date: Descending
CHINA 1989 1500 Yuan 20 Oz Gold Proof, 40th Founding
CHINA 1981 Bronze Age [series I] Gold Proof Set(4)CHINA 1995 Panda 5 Oz Au + 2 Oz Ag Bi-Metallic, NGC

Champion Auction Spring Online Sale

Apr 27, 2014 9:21 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
CHINA 1992 Seismograph & Compass $2000 1 Kg Gold
CHINA 1995 Taiwan Return 2000 Yuan 1Kg Gold,  NGC PF69CHINA 1990 Panda 1000 Yuan 12 Oz Gold, NGC PF69 ULTRA

Champion Winter online

Dec 18, 2013 1:37 AM EST
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
CHINA-KIRIN 1908 1 Dollar Silver, vase, NGC AU58
CHINA 1912 Li Yuan Hung 1 Dollar Silver, NGC XF40CHINA 1984 Great Wall 8-Coin Proof Set, Shenyang

Champion Fall 2013 auction

Oct 27, 2013 10:35 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
101: CHINA 1916 Yuan Shi Kai 1 Dollar Silver L.GIORGI
302: CHINA 1982 12 Oz Gold Monkey NGC PF69 UC135: CHINA-HUNAN 1902 10 Cash Copp. Pattern NGC MS63BN

champion online 6

Nov 18, 2012 2:09 AM EST
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
326: CHINA-SHANTUNG 1926 $10 Gold Pattern, NGC MS65
505: CHINA-PEKING 1900 5 Cents Silver Restrike NGC MS64470: CHINA-KWANGTUNG 1889 50 Cents Silver Pattern

Champion hong kong 18

Aug 22, 2012 7:48 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
329: CHINA-HUPEH 1904 One Tael Silver,large characters
321: CHINA-CHIHLI 1898 One Dollar Silver, NGC MS63310: CHINA-EMPIRE 1903 5 Fen Silver Pattern, NGC MS64

Champion Auction 17

Apr 03, 2012 6:21 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
1072: CHINA 1994 2000 Yuan 1000g Gold Proof, Unicorn
1211: CHINA 1995 10 Yuan 27g Silver Proof(2), Dinosaurs1094: CHINA 1984 $10 27g Silver(2),Panda,PCGS PR69DCAM

Champion Modern China III

Dec 04, 2011 2:29 AM EST
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
510: CHINA-HONG KONG 50 Cents Silver Pattern, NGC PF64
882: CHINA 1914 & 1921 Yuan Shi Kai Dollar Silver(2)530: CHINA-MANCHURIAN 1913 20 Cents Silver, NGC MS66

Champion Auction 16 Session Two

Dec 01, 2011 4:01 AM EST
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
176: CHINA 1899 Hupeh Government Mint $1
015: CHINA 1919 Bank of Communications - Harbin $1007: CHINA ND(1909) Anhwei Yu Huan Bank 1000 Cash

Champion Auction 16 session 1

Nov 30, 2011 12:49 AM EST
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
2006: CHINA 1992 2000 Yuan 1Kg Gold Compass NGC PF69 UC
2130: CHINA 1995 $2000 1Kg Gold,Taiwan's Return toChina2010: CHINA 1992 2000 Yuan 1Kg Gold LunarCycle NGC PF69

Champion Hong Kong 15th session three

Aug 28, 2011 3:39 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
0420: CHINA-KWANGSI 1905 10 Cash Copper Pattern, NGC AU
0689: CHINA-HEILUNGKIANG 1 Dollar Brass NGC AU Details0366: CHINA-SZECHUAN 1908 1 Cash Brass, NGC MS63

Hong Kong Champion auction 15 session two

Aug 27, 2011 6:03 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
0137: CHINA-HONG KONG 1934 H.K.S Banking Corp. $50, UNC
0128: CHINA 1956 People's Bank of China 2nd Print $50122: CHINA 1949 People's Bank of China 1st Print $10

Hong Kong Auction 15th

Aug 26, 2011 8:27 AM EDT
Hong KongKowloon, HK
Auction Ended
0374: CHINA 1994 2000 Yuan Gold Unicorn(#2) NGC PF69 UC
0352: CHINA 1990 1500 Yuan Gold Proof, Dragon & Phoenix0191: CHINA-SZECHUAN 1902 10 Cash Copper Pattern

Champion Online Sale 5

Jun 28, 2011 3:53 AM EDT
ChinaKowloon, CN
Auction Ended
494: CHINA-TAIWAN 1853 Bi Pao Military Ration Dollar
953: CHINA 1996 Unicorn[Error] 150 Yuan 1000g Gold875: CHINA 1993 Diagram 500 Yuan 5 Oz Gold Proof

Champion Auction Auction 14

Apr 06, 2011 2:05 PM EDT
ChinaTsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, CN
Auction Ended
434: CHINA 1992 2000 Yuan 1kg Gold, Lunar Coins
315: CHINA 2000 3000 Yuan 1kg Gold, Panda258: CHINA 1932 Sun Yat Sen 1 Dollar, Gold Standard

Champion Hong Kong Auction 13

Jan 23, 2011 4:57 AM EST
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
683: CHINA 1994 Sino-Singapore 500 Yuan Gold Proof
643: CHINA 1992 Oriental Invention Piedfort Silver (5)691: CHINA 1995 Yellow River 50 Yuan 1/2 Oz Gold Proof

Champion Modern Auction I

Dec 05, 2010 2:36 AM EST
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
286: CHINA-EMPIRE 1911 $1 Silver Pattern  NGC MS63
266: CHINA-SZECHUAN Horse and Flower 20 Cash Token AU484: CHINA 1989 1500 Yuan 20Oz .999 Gold PR, Anniversar

champion auction 12

Dec 02, 2010 8:20 PM EST
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
641: CHINA 1989 1500 Yuan 20 Oz .999 Gold Proof (#001)
619: CHINA 1980 Olympic 1 Yuan Brass Piedfort(8)555: CHINA-Qing Dynasty Xian Feng Yuan Bao 1000 Cash

Champion Auction 11 Session two

Aug 23, 2010 8:50 PM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
012: CHINA-YUNNAN Spring 1910 Dollar Silver NGC AU55
035: EGYPT 1938 500 Piastres Gold Proof NGC PF64046: CHINA 1919 I.B.C-Shanghai 1 Dollar PMG AU58

Champion Ultima Auction Auction 11 session 1

Aug 23, 2010 12:50 AM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
234: CHINA-YUNNAN ND 1 Dollar Copper Pattern Unique
068: CHINA-SHANTUNG 1926 20,10 Dollars Gold Pattern(2)449: CHINA 1911 Shensi Provincial Bank 3 Taels Rare

Champion Hong Kong Auction 10

Feb 24, 2010 6:50 PM EST
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
168: CHINA-SHANTUNG 1926 10, 20 Dollar Gold Pattern(2)
209: CHINA 1916 20 Cents Silver NGC MS62 Y327289: KOREA 1 Mun Double Seed Coin Charm VF

Champion Hong Kong Auction 9

Oct 25, 2009 7:50 PM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
021: CHINA 1923 Tsao Kun One Dollar Gold NGC MS63
060: CHINA-KIANGNAN 1904 One Dollar Silver, W/ TH, AU064: CHINA-KWANGTUNG 1891 One Dollar Silver NGC MS64

Champion Online sale IV

Aug 24, 2009 8:20 PM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
019: CHINA-TIBET 1920 20 Srang Gold NGC MS63 Y22
057: CHINA-HUPEH 1904 1 Tael Silver NGC MS61 Y128.2075: CHINA-KIRIN 1903 1 Dollar Silver NGC AU55 Y183a.2

Champion online Auction 3

Jun 30, 2009 9:20 PM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended
227: CHINA-HONG KONG 1867 Shanghai Pattern Tael w/Rays
236: CHINA-HUPEH 1904 1 Tael Silver NGC MS63 Y128.2060: CHINA-YUNNAN Qing 5 Taels Saddle Sycee 169g VF

Champion Hong Kong Auction 8

Apr 01, 2009 7:50 PM EDT
MoroccoMacau, MA
Auction Ended