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Chatelain: Double Hemisphere Antique World Map, 1705
Doppelmayr / Homann: Celestial Chart of Solar SystemSutton: Antique Atlas of Hardin Co. Ohio, 1879
New York, NY, United States
DoneOct 14, 2017 9:00 PM UTC

Atlases, Continent, World & Celestial Maps

Explore both the terrestrial and celestial realms through this comprehensive map and atlas sale, which preserves the geography of nearly every region imaginable. Global, continental, and astronomical focused maps paired with a selection of Atlases provide a fantastic overview of our world as it was viewed both in past and present times. Unlike many modern maps, these original engravings trace borders as they evolved throughout history. Discover sites such as the Ancient World or Africa, or explore Cary & Lea's famous Cabinet Atlas. Not only will these maps and atlases serve as decorative collectors pieces, but they also will reveal innumerable ways to view our world.